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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Look at what I have won!

I was a very lucky girl and have won a prize on Deborah's blog "Once Aponce a Time"

She has a lovely blog with very interesting posts and has recently done some extensive travelling in Europe visiting Britain and France with some wonderful pictures of Monet's Garden. Do hop along and visit and tell her what you think!

Deborah had a competition a while ago which centered onto art journals and she was wondering whether any of us is keeping a journal. I haven't up till now, but I do photograph things I see that inspire me and keep a digital image with plans to print it, put it into a journal and subsequently maybe draw, colour or use... but.... haven't got round to it!

Do any of my readers have an art journal? Deborah (and I!) would certainly be interested to hear about it!

Deborah sent me this wonderful book.
It is the story of an art project. Several artists started an art journal. Each adopted a colour and started the journal off. (the next photo being 'white')

Then the journals were passed on to another artist, who then had the challenge to continue this, resulting in them having to go out of their comfort zone and producing something new, often experimenting with new materials.

The book is the story of these journals and the thoughts the artists had about them, with lots of pictures from the journals to illustrate the text. It is a beautiful book and so inspiring!

Thank you Deborah, for sending me this wonderful book. Very much appreciated!

So come on everyone.... anyone really using a journal? It would be awesome to hear about it!


sallgood said...

I love the collaboration idea of this, and congrats to you for winning the book!

Lauranie said...

What an awesome book...congratulations!! I LOVE the new picture of Rafael with the quilt!!! :D

karen said...

lucky you!! if you have a moment you might like to pop over to my friend's blog She has a very interesting post