Athens time

Saturday, 21 August 2010

My DQS9 arrived!!

And just LOOK at it !!!!

Isn't it just beautiful?? In the big picture you cannot see all the wonderful details so here is a close up of some of the dolphins and the rope work around..

This is the label on the back. A great title and there is something very special in knowing this was made especially for me!

And that was not all!! Teresa, the Lochside Quilter from the Scottish Higlands hit the nail on the head with her entire lovely package! She must have been reading my blog very well as she could not have done better!!

I love blue, I love nature and dolphins and an amazing thing is that I love the Scottish Highlands and actually just came from there... Possibly passing Teresa's house (without knowing) within a couple of miles on the day she was posting the package!!

Look at all these goodies... A lovely needlecase, which I will use with great pleasure, a very nice scissor charm (blue of course!) and a beautiful card plus shortbread, which is great to have with my tea as I am missing Scotland allready!

Thank you SO MUCH, Teresa!! I came home after a long arduous drive, very tired and a little sad, and finding the parcel waiting for me (and not only that... realizing it had followed me from Scotland) was amazing and all the care and attention you have given it really touched me and made me cry!

You couldn't have done better! I am so happy with my little quilt, it will have place of honour in my sewingroom!


dolores said...

Wow....what a great quilt and an amazing coincidence!!:)

Unknown said...

What a great present - I need to start gathering my 'extras' this week to go in my package before it crosses the pond

Susan said...

WOW! She did a great job of picking what you'd like! I have really enjoyed watching all the quilts develop! Imagine passing close by - I'm sure you'll catch up sometime!

{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

What a wonderful present to receive. It must be so touching to know that someone's put so much thought into creating something just right for you!

Catherine said...

What a lovely parcel ofgoodies all handpicked especially for you. Your little quilt is perfect for you and beautifully done.

leslie said...

hey marg! i will try to email you to catch up but it would be a small novel! there are beautiful things going on in your blog! i have not touched mine all summer. things were too uncontrolled. i hope you are well and i miss you. i will be posting back on my blog very shortly and i am planning on a giveaway....intenational people will be welcome so don't ignore it!

hugs and kisses


Jo said...

Marg, really pleased you had such a good break, and it must have been wonderful meeting up with Karen. Your quilt is great, the water is very close to you on more than one front....have you ever seen dolphins in the channel???? Welcome back Jo

Unknown said...

wow what a gorgeous quilt Marg. You lucky thing.
I will be finishing mine up tomorrow to send to it's new home.

Lauranie said...

ooooh I've missed you!! So glad you had a nice holiday...and what a sweet, respectful guest you are...come to Lafayette ANYTIME!! :D I LOVE your quilt...she did a special thing for you and you sooo deserve it. My favorite part is the "rope"...GENIUS!! So glad you are home..can't wait to catch up with you!! xo

myBearpaw said...

What a beautiful quilt and everything about it so perfect for you. I love the little dolphins faces. Well done Theresa! and lucky you Marg (can't wait to get mine!!)

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

The doll quilt is amazing!

Micki said...

I love dolphins, so I adore that quilt!