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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Orphan Blocks and Ohio Stars.... (and... a Giveaway)

Hey friends and quilters! (and you newbies who just googled 'giveaway' lol!! ) A good giveaway always gets a lot of attention!

I am having a giveaway (not decided what it is yet but it will be worth it!)to those readers of my blog who decide to give my friend Lizzie(a house in the country) a helping hand....(and this is in addition to the giveaway on Lizzie's blog)

Earlier today, I read the newest post on her blog... Lizzie has a friend who is in real need of a quilty hug! This friend is terminally ill and would SO appreciate your help!!

Lizzie is looking for blocks you might want to donate... any orphan blocks you might have or blocks you might want to make.

I was thinking that if some people might want to make a block especially, like an Ohio Star

this would unify the quilt a little so I am going to make a few of these for Lizzie to put into her quilt.

SO: If you are able to send Lizzie a block, either Ohio Star or otherwise, leave me a comment and I will do a draw amongst those whose blocks have been received by Lizzie. If you are in the UK and rather send them to me, I will gladly pass them on.

A good tutorial on the Ohio Star can be found HERE on Vanessa's blog, V and Co. (thanks Vanessa!)

But any block is welcome. To make it even clearer I have copied Lizzies post under this one so you can read all about it for yourselves!

Come on guys... let's get this quilt made!! I know you are all lovely people who have at least a block in you! (or hanging around...)

Here is Lizzie's post (I couldn't have put it any better..)

I need a favour................

from A House in the Country by Lizzie

A friend that I've known for more than 30 years is sick..!! Not just I'll be better next week or next month or even next year sick! She's helplessly and terminally sick..
My friend Sue is a quilter, a SCQuilter (Southern Cross Quilters for all you non-Aussies/N.Zealanders), a crafter, a wife and a mother as well as a friend.

I met Sue when I was pregnant with my youngest son, so going on 33 years now, she's his godmother too. We used to make softies for the local craft shop, big softies, lions and elephants, giraffes, cats and dogs. At one stage we couldn't keep up with the demand, I think Sarah still has a lion and a dog somewhere..?? Anyway, we had a ball, a couple of mums at home with young kids in a tiny Mallee town.
We moved on, work called us back to the big smoke, Sue didn't, they stayed in the tiny Mallee town and live there still......but Sue now lives in the local nursing home..!!

I don't know what the official name is for what she has, what I do know is that her brain stem is dying..! Simple, straight forward, no messing around just dying.. The last time I saw her she was shuffling around with the aid of a walker. She's my age! This amazing quilter can no longer dress herself! Her family had to make a heart breaking decision to hospitalise her.

Over the years Sue has made more quilts than I ever will I think, but I don't think anyone has ever made one for her. What I'm asking for are your orphan blocks, you know, those blocks that you make then decide you don't like the pattern/colour/size or whatever..! If you're like me they sit in a box or basket, in a drawer or on a shelf, you can't just throw them out but you know that you really will never do anything with them.

If I can gather at least one block from everyone that reads my blog, put them together and get it quilted, then I can give a sister quilter and friend a unique and heartfelt gift from quilters everywhere...

Is it too much to ask? I don't think so. Some of you, if you're scquilters will know her, most of you won't. I'm not a religious person but the saying 'There but for the grace of God .." is so true. In my last post I was wondering what genetics and hereditary held for me. At least I can still wonder, Sue knows what her future holds and it's not pleasant, realistically it's horrific...........

Can you help? I'd love to do this in the next month or two. Any colour, any size, any pattern, any amount. A quilt of orphans coming together to show how much we as women and quilters care for our sisters all around the world...

Just as an incentive (and I know you don't need one really) I'll put everyone that sends me a block or two into a draw for ......something?? Probably a jelly roll or something similar, I'll work it out I promise...

Email me at: if you can help and I'll send you my postal address.

I'm going to say thanks now because I know how supportive and caring this community of ours is, so...



sharon said...

I think it is a wonderful idea! Have emailed her and I will make a few Ohio stars for the quilt.

Liz said...

YOU, are the most awesome friend..!! Thank you so, so much Marg for doing this, you amaze me and the day I 'met' you was a lucky one for me..
Thank you

BubzRugz said...

Hi, I have come over to your blog having seen your note about adding a picture to your side bar.... I have had a lot of help from Chookyblue when I first started my blog and she has a 'tutorial on her site'
there is also one about adding a link which might help you.
I have done it but am not so good at explaining and getting the pictures like Chookyblue has - but I will try if you need some help.... meanwhile I am off to read your interesting blog!

myBearpaw said...

I will definitely make a couple of ohio stars for Sue. That is such a sad story but wonderful that you and Lizzie are making this quilt. I will send them to you next week Marg

Rafael's Mum said...

Thanks Jo! Nice to see some participation on this post too! A lot of my readers are also Lizzie's readers and as she of course put hers up before this one, they allready signed up there.

It doesn't matter where you sign up anyhow. Thanks for the promised blocks... This is going to be one great quilt!

Cat said...

And I'm sending some to Lizzie too -
I hope we get to see the finished quilt as I think it is going to look amazing -

Micki said...

I am awaiting Lizzie's address and will send it. I have some stars that I will send. Can you tell me what size block she wants?

Rafael's Mum said...

Any size block welcome Micki, Lizzie will make it work!

Helen said...

Just came across your blog (I have added a link to it from my blog - hope that is OK!) I would like to do a block for your friend, and was just wondering what size your Ohio star blocks were, so that I can do similar? I am in England, so may I get your address when I am done to send to you?
Thank you,
Helen x

Rafael's Mum said...

Hi Helen, lovely to meet you! The tutorial I link to in my post gives you a finished 10 1/2" block. It also gives you all the sizes of the individual parts, easy peasy!

You are a non reply blogger, this means I have no email for you, so if you send me a mail (my email is on my profile) I will mail you back with my address.

Mary K said...

Thanks for help Lizzie. You are a true friend. bless you.

Cathie said...

OMG those RED blocks are to die for ! They are absolutely stunning - and HUGE! Being an "Ohio" girl - I have an affinity for the Ohio Star.
Anywhoo - oh yeah - I'll send a few blocks. You are awesome!

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