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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bee blocks - start to the big catch up....


Julie (ForestPoppy) asked for something with trees or leaves. I hope you like this one Julie. A tree with leaves (lol!) Thanks for the lovely fabrics, they really inspired me to do this tree (as have the countless examples I found on other blogs.. too many to mention).

Ali's (a2(w)) theme was confetti. I hope this is what you wanted Ali. She asked for the edges to be well sewn down so to make sure of this, I turned under with a 1/4 inch (well fiddly!) and then used a dense zigzag stitch. Whilst I was hoping this would be both secure and look good, I had great trouble with the sewing machine sewing the cloth to itself (in one place). I have no idea why it does this. It's not only at the beginning (or end) where there might be problems with double thickness but also just randomly somewhere in the middle.. Whilst it looks simple to do, I had a lot of trouble with unpicking and redoing before it looked anywhere near I wanted it to! So fingers crossed Ali likes it!

Next up is Vicky who so kindly swapped her month with me when I was bogged down with the learning. (Thanks again Vicky!). So April is next and catching up there at last.

Both Julie and Ali's blocks will hopefully go out this week. Just a question of wrapping, addressing and sending.... (does that happen to anyone else? you sew the block and it is lying there... waiting for envelopes, cards or stamps... and a week later it is still there?....) I will try and do it asap girls! Scouts honour!


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Good to see ya back babes and congratulations on getting that TEFL course :-) XXX

myBearpaw said...

Love that block for Julie! And seeing as I have seen her other blocks (in the flesh!), I know how well that will work with them!

Jo said...

Love both your blocks, especially the tree, one day I mean to make this for me.

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Yay - definitely back in the 'quilt room'!

Julie said...

Marg - it is beautiful and will fit in so well with the others. Thanks so much, I love it!
I'm dreadful about more-or-less finishing things and then not doing the final bit like packing and posting.....and don't worry if it takes a while, I'm really behind on things too having had a very busy few weeks. I need to sit down and do Vicky's blocks as well. Juliex