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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Foggy start, Sunny day !

During the week, we stay in a cottage near DS2's school. (You see, I am picking all these wonderful abbreviations up from other blogs.. Dear Son Two and DS1 of course, you get the drift). On waking a blanket of mist draped the countryside into a mysterious muffled world. It was beautiful and I regretted not having my camera with me... Very soon though it cleared and the mysterious morning turned into a beautiful sunny day.

City Link (with a different driver, apparently Dave was the offending one on Saturday and as he had not left a note through the door either, it is suspected now he didn't bother to even turn up at all, leave alone knock...) came at midday yesterday and finally brought the parcel for DS1. It was eagerly awaited...... I was pleased not to have to look out of the window anymore...

The top for the bushfire quilt is now pieced and ready to send to Tia... I was contemplating on trying to quilt it myself but considering that I both do not have a darning foot and have never done it before, I thought I would leave it to the professionals... Sorry Tia !

My good intention for the day is to sort out this photo business so there finally will appear some photos on this blog. I do so appreciate those in other people's blogs and really feel I have to get it sorted. still watch this space...... (I am sure once I can do it there is not stopping me.....:-)

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