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Friday, 17 April 2009

I have a Blog !

Hi everyone !

This is my very first post and I seem to have a blog.... I have recently discovered blogging and am enjoying following various blogs. I am not very good with internet and technology..... I tried to click a button to follow a blog and realized you have to sign up as a member. So I signed up.... Then a window came up telling me that I need to create a blog to be a member to follow another member.... You still following ? I am nearly lost.. lol ! So I kept filling in forms so I could follow a blog..and now seem to have my own !

As this really happened by accident... and I am not sure whether I will be able to post photos etc... nor at all sure how often I will be able to blog.... But in any case I can now follow the blogs of friends I have found easier, being here myself....

Gosh, quite amazing really.... I will see how it goes. As for the title... these are my main interests. If I ever find out how to do this photo adding, I might post a few nice waterside pictures. Hope to meet lots of you !


Kate North said...

welcome to the blog world! looks like you are getting on pretty well...

black bear cabin said... glad you decided to join us :) You will meet so many wonderful folks on here...i love it!
welcome aboard~