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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Thank you Evelyn!!

I can hardly believe it but my bloggy friend Evelyn from Use the Loot blog has done the impossible and found my bloglist by doing some search somewhere (don't ask me where... I have NO idea!!) and sent me an email with all the links!!

It will take a bit of time to click on all of them, copy+paste, and re-add them to the blog but at least I haven't lost anybody now!!

PHEW!!!! A million thanks Evelyn!!!

I don't know how to thank you... (but I am sure I will think of something! :-)


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Wow, what an amazing lady!!!

Evelyn said...

It sounds more impressive than it really is. :-) For reference, just in case anyone else ever needs to know...

1. Google the blog name ('adventures in quilting and sailing blogspot').

2. There were several hits from the blog, right up at the top. Indented under there is a link for 'More results from '. I clicked that to get all the hits for the blog.

3. Under each hit, there is a link for 'Cached'. This just means that Google took a picture of what the page looked like when it last saw it. That's how Google does their searching - they can't examine the WHOLE internet every time you do a search, so they just take pictures of the pages every once in a while, and then they search those saved (cached) pages. That's way overly simplified, but close enough!

4. I just looked at the cached version for each hit, going back in time, until I found a page that still had the blog roll on it. Easy peasy!

5. You need to do this pretty quickly when you're looking for lost info, because who knows when the cached page will be updated. I certainly have no idea! Maybe days?

Anyway, I'm just glad it worked! And, I love Google (no, I don't work there, and am not affiliated in any way). :-)

leslie said...

wow!!! way to go evelyn and yay!!! marg! i would have hated to lose my list!

Susan said...

That's wonderful...great thinking on Evelyn's part!

Unknown said...

Good for her, good for you! And a big yay!

imquilternity said...

Yippee! Some people are just soooo smart, aren't they? Congratulations!