Athens time

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wild Sweet Peas

Today some wild sweet peas have appeared on the cliffside with a wonderful vibrant colour

It was nice to see as the sky is full of dark clouds and even though it is quite warm and oppressive, no sun to be seen. Just waiting for the occassional squal to come over and freshen things up!

The windows are now in, and waiting for 5 panes of glass who were wrong and have been reordered to arrive from the factory. Hopefully by the middle of next week that will have been put right too.

In the meantime there will be another never ending list of jobs (not in the least painting the woodwork over the windows and the windowsill and spring cleaning a very dusty house!) but at least I will be able to get my sewing room up and running again so you might be seeing some more crafty things appearing (finally.. I hear you sigh.. and you would be right, lol!)


Anonymous said...

I do love sweet means that summer is here. They smell so lovely......

Me and Ma said...

Glad that you are almost sorted with the windows and look forward to seeing lots of makes when you have your sewing room back up and running x

Cat said...

Awww look at those flowers - pink too - my favourite colour!
It was a bitterly cold morning here - we watched Zach's friends rugby game brrrrrr - but yet we have strawberries still in our garden and figs and ooohhhh I spotted the first daffodil bulb poking its head above the soil today.

Catherine said...

Sweetpeas are one of my very favourite flowers! I justlove their scent. I wonder if those wild oneshave a stronger scent.

dolores said...

Hehehehh...I'm sure you are foaming at the bit to get to your sewing machine!:) Can't wait to see it all put back together.

Did you see you have a new follower peeking from behind a book?:)