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Saturday, 12 February 2011

ORBC - Ticker Tape - Round 9

You have heard me talking before about the marvellous Flickr Group called "the Old Red Barn Company". It all started in 2009 when Dana hosted a sew along on her blog.(btw, she also sells marvellous soaps and things!) We all had such fun and we got such a lovely group of participants together, that we did not want to stop! So we all went on!

Sewalong after sewalong appeared and would you believe it, we are at round 9!!

Round 9 is ably headed by Dolores of DeeRoo Designs. She is doing a marvellous job making a lot of examples and tutorials, so everything you ever wanted to know about ticker taping is there! Go and check it out HERE. All the info in one yummy post.

I have been excited about doing this since months before it all actually started and been keen to join. However... yep... you guessed it... The Course happened and it is all so much more work than I anticipated.... So my intended quilt has shrunk from a quilt to a mini quilt... to maybe a mugrug??? Lol.... I WILL get it done and the beauty is that this will stay on Dee's blog so everyone can look back at it at any time.

In fact we still have regularly photos appearing of quilts made in round one and later rounds. There is no time limit!! So even though a fair few quilts have been made and the instructions are complete, do come and join us on the Old Red Barn. This ticker taping is such a fun technique with infinite possibilities (as Dee and the girls have shown!).

It'd be great if you could join us. It's a great group and round 9 a great round to join. See you THERE !!!


Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

Good to "see" you Marg. X

myBearpaw said...

Hi Marg, glad you have found some time for a little 'blog action' in between all the horrid grammar! Dee did a great job with her tickertape instructions and I am now an official 'tickertape addict'! So pleased I joined in at last!
Ha ha my word verification for this is 'bible'! Is it a sign do you think?!

Unknown said...

I am going to love watching everything that the group makes! This will be fun. I am especially looking forward to seeing your creations.

Molly said...

I'm behind on that too and I have gone back to the instructions many times to remake the ORB quilts. I just made another pinwheel and now I'm working on another wonky log cabin. I also recently made another crazy nine patch! I'm so thankful that I found that group when my son went to college :)

dolores said...

Thanks for the shout out has been great fun and I have learned a thing or too from everyone else. That's what's great about this group, we learn from each other!

This ticker tape stuff is now my go-to technique when I want a quick last week I took a 16"x 8" piece of red fabric and sandwiched it with some batting and heart fabric and cut out some hearts from polka dot fabric...sewed them on...bound it and instant present for my parents!:)

Liz said...

Hello there, you've been busy I presume, nice to see you back with us..! I'm off to check this out, talk to you soon..

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I love ticker tape quilts, will be great to see yours, even if it is only a small quilt! xo

Catherine said...

Yes this is a great group but I'm a bit out of the loop with it at the moment. Just about finished my wonky log cabin quilt which I think was round 3. All I have left is to hand sew the binding on!