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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Coming up for breath...

Hi guys! I have been (and will do) a lot of studying but coming up for breath briefly for some enjoyable interludes.

Firstly, it was my birthday last week (how time flies, nearly a week ago now!) and both my boys got me such lovely presents. My elder got me a xbox kinect exercise tape/game/whatever... (I keep calling it video but have been told that is showing my age, lol!) This was not a hint, I actually wanted that one. It scans your body and you can see yourself working hard on the screen when following the (virtual) instructor. Good fun!

The younger one was very lovely and got me an incredibly sweet pincushion in the form of a reel of thread and selected a great book on mandala quilts I had not even seen before. What do you think? I really like it!

My mum, being elderly and having to post, asked me to buy myself my current favourite thing... No brainer!

Recognise it? Of course you do... Amy Butler Soul Blossoms! It will have to stay in its pretty stack for a while till the DQS10 is done and the course lets me sew something else.

Last but not least, my 10" block for the competition in Irish Quilting Magazine has been finished and sent off. The brief was to make an unfinished 10 1/2" block with a floral theme. You had to use at least 2 different stitches from your machine.

This is the result. I have been an avid admirer of Susan Brubaker Knapp for a while now and have been wanting to try one of the tutorials on her blog. So I perused the older posts, bought her master stitching DVD and off I went. I am quite pleased with the result, even if it by no means to the standard Susan reaches, but by having a sort of impressionist style, a lot can be forgiven!

So next (apart from studying of course, but a girl has to have SOME time to herself..) I am going to give the DQS10 my full attention!! Not that I have not thought about you partner! I have been reading your blog and following your flickr and thought of and rejected several ideas.. but I think I have twigged the general idea now. Next is thinking of, and ordering maybe, some fabrics to use.. depending on what I have and what not.. We'll see. But now the flower block is gone, DQS, full steam ahead!!


{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

Shame on me forgetting it was your birthday!! Congratulations Marg, may this year bring you lots of love and joy :-)

XoX Leila

{oh and no need to reply, I know you are busy with your studying!}

Micki said...

What lovely gifts! Those flowers look so pretty!

Julie said...

What great presents. Well done your boys. Can you please make something for yourself from the Soul Blosssom (no making things for other people this time!)?
Your flower block is amazing, I can't actually work out how you've created the flowers under that fabby stitching. Juliex

dolores said...

Well Happy bday Marg!! You, my sister and Dana all within a week of each other!:)

Your family did a great job buying your thoughtful! And that pincushion is so looks real!:)

Your block is gorgeous and I'm with did you do the flowers?

Cat said...

That flower block is absolutely amazing you very clever talented lady xxx And happy birthday and so sorry I didn't know on the day ;'(

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Happy belated Birthday - what a lucky lady! Your boys have been well trained. If you let your mum know it's my birthday in June I'd appreciate it, tee hee.

Love the block too x

Rafael's Mum said...

Fabric paints first ladies, then stitching. The paints are however just loose dabs, the stitching gives the details and definition.

Terrie Sandelin said...

Happy Birthday! What lovely gifts. And the block is beautiful!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!! (A Capricorn?) Lovely pressies!
Your flower block it beautiful!!!! Does it have a name? AH! So that is what the fabric paint was for! Great work!

Susan said...

Oh, I know you are busy and don't expect a reply either!

Unknown said...

I love the flower panel Marg - great work. Belated Happy Birthday. Take care and keep coming up for breathers, don't drown yourself in studying.

quilthexle said...

Belated Happy Birthday !!! And your block is wonderful - I really like it. If that's a competition, I would vote for you ;-))
Take care - and good luck with your studies !!

myBearpaw said...

Wow, I am so impressed with your flower block, it is incredible!! I am also really, really impressed with the presents you got from your boys! My 2 would never manage to buy me something that perfect (quilting books and a pincushion!, I am lucky if they even remember!
Happy Birthday for last week and I am pleased you are managing to have some fun in between the studying. xx

Catherine said...

First of all Happy birthday for last week!!! Your boys did well with such lovely presents and that pile of Soul blossoms is gorgeous! I'm so impressed with your flower block, its beautiful!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Happy belated birthday! Some nice presies! Renae merril is in our NYC empire guild...interesting quilts. I love it when family members pick out quilty gifts on their own... Since they usually have no idea what to buy, you do know, how special it is that they "went there" to get you something... Hehe

great stack of fabrics too! Picking your own gifties are pretty fun too! :-)

Unknown said...

happy birthday for last wee. compliments for your blog and creations. hus

a片 said...