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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Mystery.... anybody know the solution??

Hi everyone, I was just trying to export some photos from Picasa (where all my photos are) and an odd thing happened... Whenever I select a photo, then click an icon (like.. email, save to web, export to somewhere else on the computer), the answer is not to do something with the selected photo, but jump to a random other selection... either single or whole sets.

This means I cannot post photos anywhere.. neither on the blog OR on Flickr.. Now with the DQS10 starting, that is not a good situation to be in. I have no idea what causes this or how to solve it but will do my best to try and figure it out.

In the meantime if anyone has had this happen and knows the fix.. please let me know! I'd be ever so grateful..

Me and technology.. not a match made in heaven.. sigh..

I am going on a journey of discovery and will do my best..

Update: I suddenly thought of that TV programme "The IT crowd" I think it was... whenever someone comes to them for help, the standard answer is 'have you tried turning it off, then on again?'. They say that without even listening to the problem, it is the standard joke..

So... I turned the whole computer off and killed the electricity at the socket for a while, turned it all on again and..... Hey presto... IT WORKED !

I am obviously an IT expert now... Thanks IT crowd! *big grin*


Kate said...

Sadly I don't have an answer mainly because I too am trained in IT by the IT crowd. I love your beautiful pics so I hope you can sort it.

Kate x

Liz said...

I always tell John (who is a seriously disadvantaged technological dinosaur) to pull the plug and go back in an hour, that he understands and it usually works..!! Well done you, talk soon when this craziness passes..

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