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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Three times lucky !

When I first started blogging and discovered giveaways, I hesitated to take part, as I felt that as a newcomer perhaps I wasn't entitled to take a possible win away from regular commenters.....

Since, I have discovered that this really is not how it works and on my own giveaway had entries from people who never came back after... so I got a little more adventurous!

I realized it is a fabulous way to find new blogs and fantastic people to meet so in fact, holding giveaways and entering them is a great thing to do and just meeting you all is the greatest prize, even if you never win the item at all!

The last Sew Mama Sew giveaway came along and I threw myself into it headlong... loving every minute of it and being priviliged to meet so many of you. To my surprise (taking into account the amount I entered) I never won anything at all but it didn't really matter. I found some very good blogging friends I would otherwise never have encountered at all! Then I won a marvelous giveaway where my name was pulled out of the hat second chance when the winner was uncontactable... I was so amazed and happy... it IS possible to actually win ! (and it brought me a very good bloggy friend too!).

Now they say all good things come in threes and that certainly came true for me in the last month!

Firstly I won these marvellous Cosmo Multi Works Spools of thread. The colours are beautiful and I especially like how they seem to flow colourwise from one into the other. The person who was holding this wonderful giveaway was Nicolette from Dutch Comfort blog. I haven't actually received them yet (so I have had to take the picture from Nicolette's blog, I hope you don't mind Nicolette) as Nicolette's mum has been quite ill... I hope she is feeling much better now Nicolette. I'm wishing her well. Thank you for your kind giveaway.

Then I was surprised and happy to win Lara's giveaway on her blog "Sew many stitches later". Lara won a giveaway herself on the Old Red Barn Co Quilting Group and generously put one together of her own to spread the love and I won it!! I couldn't believe I had won the prize; one Sweet by Urban Chicks Charm Pack and a 1/2 yard of Bubblegum Candy Stripe. Not only that but she put a lot of lovely little extras with it too! Some DMC skeins of embroidery yarn, coincidentally all matching to the thread I won in Nicolette's giveaway (although Lara did not know about this!), some lovely cute Beatrix Potter labels and needles (which you can never have too many of!). Thank you so much Lara! it was a big surprise to win but I am really happy with my goodies!

Last but not least I couldn't believe my eyes when I won in the giveaway Jamie Kalvestran from 'Ideas and Inspirations' had put up! She was giving away a fabulous bag the "On the Breeze" Bag Model/Sample. It is made from Lonni Rossi Fabrics by Andover and you have to believe me if I say that it is really expertly made!

When I opened the bag I was astonished at all the pockets I found inside... a multitude all around and the outer pockets as well as the main compartment are secured by magnetic closings. The long thin pocket on the left is a separate one as well as the the flap with 'the sun' which even has a zip in the flap itself as an extra secure compartment to hold things. The level of finishing is far beyond anything I could do myself and I am really happy to have won!

Jamie very kindly also put some extras in for me. She sells a multitude of patterns in her online shop Scrap bags, and sent me two of them to try. I have seen one of them in a variety of fabrics on her blog (e.g. this lovely stamped one) and loved the way they turned out. I am looking forward to trying the pattern out. Thank you very much Jamie! I am thrilled with both the bag and the patterns!

It must be true things happen in 3's, as it has gone very quiet on the winning front again... but not to worry, as I am hoping to meet a lot of new friends (and revisit existing ones) in my own giveaway in the next couple of days!

YES.... nearly at my 100th post! Keep your eyes peeled. Not long to go now! All welcome to enter and extra chances for my loyal commenters. I am going to put it all together very soon... really excited!

See you then!!


Lara said...

Congratulations! You deserve every win :)

dutchcomfort said...

You’re on a winning strike!

Of course you can use the picture! You’re welcome!

I shipped the little package of gifts yesterday. I hope UK postal strikes are over and it will arrive at your home soonest!

Rafael's Mum said...

Thanks so much Nicolette, the strikes are over as far as I know so that shouldn't be a problem.

Thanks again for the lovely threads. I seem to be destined for a pink project next! Thinking pink allready... Really looking forward to using all those beautiful threads!

Sew This N That said...

Oh you lucky lady! What wonderful gifts you have won, enjoy your goodies :0)
*hugs* Heather x

Lauranie said...

Congrats girly!! I am SO HAPPY I have not missed your giveaway!!! I have been away too long!! Now to catch up with the rest of your posts....and many others!! xo

Catherine said...

What lovely prizes you have won! I'm so pleased to be one of your good bloggy friends! Looking forward to your giveaway!