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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Mail in (Yay!!) and out...

This weekend I have been very busy trying to get half way to catching up on all my commitments...

Bee blocks were first;

The block for Sarah's quilt to go to Belgium. Sarah wanted to me a quilt with a Mondrian inspiration. This is the resulting block. It looks easy doesn't it... but getting those 1/4" seam allowances EXACT is not as easy as it looks! but I got the black lines at exactly 0.5 inch... phew...

Diddi sent us fabrics for a lighthouse block. This being the Beachy Head lighthouse on the South of England near Eastbourne, just off the famous white cliffs.

You must excuse me the picture being not rotated. I am STILL struggling majorly with Picasa... I cannot load pics out of picasa... I move them in and they stay in.... So I have kept them ALL on the memory card to be able to load them here, which is now full.... all 4GB of it... So I will have to load into Picasa and erase the card to be able to take more....

However, I thought that loading onto blogger straight from the memory card should be possible. And it is... but... when viewing, it seems to be set to view in Picasa. Now in my old programme, if I rotated the picture and moved on to the next, it would save the new setting... In Picasa the picture turns, but as soon as you leave... it flips back.. and if you load it onto blogger... it is still wrong....

I am pleased all the photos are now in one place (Picasa) but not being able to get them out or rotate them is going to be a major headache... How will I get them printed, put on blogger, put on flickr?? And how am I going to manage to rotate so it will stay.... I have a far way to go with this and feeling pretty desperate about it (but that might be the dyslexia...)

In the meantime... I will upload them from the SD card even if they are the wrong way and if I ever learn how to do it, I will go back and repair... but it could be a while! So you have to bear with me... Best to upload them rather than just put into Picasa and have them stuck there!
This is the back of the lighthouse block (sorry... crane the neck again....), I thought it look quite jolly!

On the incoming mail I got two lovely surprises!

First one in the door was an envelope from Corrie at QuiltTaffy;

I was one of the first commenters on her post on going to market (loovely photos of all the fruit and the market) and so she shared some goodies. My present was a Quilt Taffy beer mat (isn't it sweet?) and some mini japanese cards... They are mini mini and sooo sweet! Thanks Corrie!

Then I got a lovely parcel from my Canadian friend Karen;

A lovely book, a self made spiral (it's really fantastic... sooo much work in that!) and all wrapped in fabric too (the best wrapping there is!!)

Thank you so much Karen, really looking forward to reading the book. I have plans for your lovely spiral too!

All in all a very fruitfull and productive weekend sewing wise... Now on with some bed-building for our youngest after a trip to Ikea before the next sewing batch I promised to go out!


Corrie said...

Your top block is striking. I really like it. Hope Sarah likes it. And the lighthouse is cool! Fun stuff!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Beautiful bee blocks Marguerite. I use picassa too and I find it helpful to 'save as' the pics I want to use in my blog into a folder on my desktop. Once they are saved like that they don't seem to flip back, perhaps this helps? Lovely gifts and I agree, fabric is totally the best wrapping. Can't wait to see what you do with that gorgeous spiral xo

Micki said...

Love your blocks and what great gifts!