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Friday, 26 March 2010

Most interesting craftroom - My Winners Parcel arrived !!!

LOOK!! What came in the post!!

The sewing package worth Aus$100 that I won in the competition where you had to submit a photo of your craftroom and friends could vote for which one they liked best!

I would like to thank each and every one of you who voted for me again. I was overwhelmed with how many people did and how many nice comments I got. Thank you all so much!!

And A BIG Thank you too to the Oz Material Girls who put the competition on and put such a wonderful package together! You can find them on their website, their blog or pattern shop and they have a lot of lovelies on their site so it is well worth a visit! So when you have had a look at the fantastic package they sent me... run along and pay them a vist as well.

Many people have asked what I received, and we all (including me....) had to wait for a bit, whilst the postal services here decided they could not find the very cleary and correctly written address and informed the Material Girls we did not exist!! Luckily, once they received the parcel back, they posted it again immediately (Thanks so much Louise, you have been great) and this time it arrived ! Phew.....

So without further ado.... TA DAAAAAA........

This is the whole fabulous package!! It's lovely and the individual bits are all gathered and matched with great care. I will talk you through them..

Firstly there is this amazing craft organiser;

You can put litte 'stuff' in the individual compartment which have see through plastic at the front so you can easily find what you need. This is fantastic!! When going to sewing morning, I now just chuck a handful of everything in a box.. of course for it all to get tangled and mixed immediately and only for me to realize after a good rummage that I have forgotten something like the seam ripper! I can now make my own little mini kit to take and travel in style! How good is that??? I'd never seen any before but LOVE it!!

Here is the photo of how you could use it, you can see ... what a marvellous invention! (good colour for it too!)

Then there was this cute wristlet pattern. It came with some lovely fabric in the above colours. I haven't read the pattern in detail yet but I know there is plenty of fabric to make it and can you just see that wristlet in these fabrics? I can!! Just PERFECT for it!!

In the back there you can just see the shimmery white of some Vilene. I had to ask how to use it as I had never seen this sort of Vilene before. It isn't just ordinary Vilene, but superduper Vilene... I emailed the Oz Material Girls and immediately got the explanation back (great girls there in Oz..). The Vilene is called H630 (for those who like the details) and it has a coated adhesive site. You put this on the wrong side of the fabric, cover with a damp cloth and press each section approximately for 15 seconds, setting the iron at wool/cotton and use a pressing action. I can't wait to try that out, it looks brill and there is enough I think for both projects!

The other project i am referring to being the other pattern enclosed, the Kookaburra laugh! Again I found some fabric squares enclosed that would look great with this pattern and how nice to have a distinct Australian flavour to the parcel. Someone at the Oz Material Girls has really really been thinking this whole parcel through down to the tiniest detail!

Talking about tiny detail.... Aren't these button just the cutest? Look at those scissors and the tiny reels... so lovely....

Last but not least I found included the tiniest sewing caddy. It's called Sew & Go and has everything you need for sewing all in this tiny holdall... needles, measuringtape, threads, thimble, scissors, seam ripper... you name it .. it is in it! It's amazing how much stuff you can put in such a compact holder but it is ingenious. This little baby is not going to live in my sewing room but is going straight with us on holiday to the boat! It is just the right size as everything on the boat must be compact and at present I don't even have a complete sewing kit on there... (apart from the sailmakers kit of course... so the sails are ok, shirt buttons would be more of a problem!).

So THANK YOU Oz Material Girls and THANK YOU to all my friends who voted for me! It was such a fun competition and checking each day how I was doing and being amazed by all the lovely messages about my room was a joy in itself. Receiving such a lovely parcel topped it all off, so thanks for the parcel and for the care you have taken in putting it together.


Jo said...

What a lovely gift to recieve and you will surely make good use of all of it. Look forward to seeing the bits and pieces made up. have fun filling your organiser bags.

Terrie Sandelin said...

What a fun pile of goodies!

karen said...

Lucky you - could not have gone to a nicer or more deserving person!!

dolores said...

Wowser...what a great parcel!! I had to look a couple of times at the wristlet thingy because I just couldn't figure out what in the world a wristlet was! I was thinking...a cuff? Why would anyone want to make fabric cuffs?:) But now I see it is a little purse!;)

You deserve it lady!! Enjoy!xoxo

Allie said...

What a great package--Congratulations!

Mandalin said...

Have fun with your yummy package!!

Catherine said...

Wow what a great haul! Have fun!

myBearpaw said...

Oh my god, I love the buttons! And all the fabric! So pleased for you, getting such a happy parcel.