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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lovely mail ! Things are looking up..

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. It is nice to know there is so much love and care in our community throughout the world!

Last week I got a lovely handmade card in the mail from Helen who won my giveaway. Thank you Helen, for taking the time to make a card just for me and sending it in the post. I really appreciate the effort and it was such a nice surprise to open the card, seeing I wasn't expecting it! Thanks so much.

Isn't it lovely??

Helen blogs at The Dining Room Drawers. Go have a look. She has just completed two lovely colourful quilts for charity. Fantastic Helen!

Last year around this time, I committed myself to a PIF (Pay It Forward) by replying to a post from Catherine (The Sewing Attic). The idea is that within a year, you get a present, and in return you Pay it Forward by sending three people a present yourself. Now with all the unexpected things happening this year (emergency operation, leaky roof, and loads more demanding priority attention) I must admit I have not sent any of them out.. All I can do is apologise to my lovely friends who are still waiting and apply for an extension... I WILL get to it.. promise!!

In the meantime, today I got a mystery parcel... from Catherine, it was my PIF!! She sent me the fantastic pincushion/needlecase she made from a Heather Bailey pattern and that I had been admiring on her blog!! (complete with pins and needles!)

Just look at all the detail here;

Isn't it beautiful? The wings open to reveal a second layer so you can embed the needles between both wings. Catherine makes the most beautiful things, go and have a look at her blog at The Sewing Attic.

Last but not least, what do I find in my mailbox? (well, on the doormat really, we do not have a mailbox..). 8 lovely FQ's sent by the lovely Kathy Mack from Pink Chalk Fabrics. Kathy holds a draw each week amongst her customers. Two prizes each time, one to be drawn from comments on her blog that week, one from those customers opening their newsletter.

I was lucky on the newsletter although I also read and comment on her blog. Way to go Kathy! Thank you so much for this beautiful fabric!

For the enquiring minds; It is lovely holiday fabric by Basic Grey, called Fruitcake This FQ set being the Avalanche colourway and availble to buy on the Pink Chalk site. For the link go here.

I love the muted colours, matching and looking very much like Figgy pudding. The solids are beautiful too. Just fantastic all together! I am thinking about what to make, a table runner maybe? Just love it. Thank you so much Kathy!

A better week this week with more things being done = less pressure = progress! Still a long way to go with my 'to do' list and even with my 'urgent to do' list, but step by step getting there.

The roofers mending a longstanding leak in the roof have finished yesterday... I am keeping my fingers crossed... will it have done the trick this time? I will tell you once we have had a downpour!

A great mailweek lifting the spirits. Both in the letterbox and on the email. Thank you friends for writing to me!! (you know who you are)


{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

Gotta love a good mail week! Glad to hear you're a bit better :-) I'd send you some of our rain if I could. Just to test your roof of course not at all for selfish reasons! :P

xxx Leila

Unknown said...

Here's to good mail weeks - I've had one to, now I'm off to post about it
PS: love the fabrics

Cat said...

How lovely to receive goodies in the mail . . . and to hear life is sending you less pressures.
Thinking of you and sending some sun shining love from NZ.
Cat xxx

Liz said...

You deserve to win and get unexpected pleasures, the little card is lovely and what a nice thing for Helen to do. I was admiring the Fruitcake fabric the other day thinking how pretty it was but I'm resolved to not buy anymore Christmas fabric that I don't use..! I buy it because I love the season, it sits in a bowl on the coffee table over Christmas, then I put it more until I've used what I've got :o) Do you believe me? Good, I'm glad someone does...!
Talk soon..

ps. the quilt should be back from the quilters today, can't wait to see it...

Catherine said...

Nothing like a good mail week to lift your mood. Aren't those Christmas fabrics gorgeous, lovely colourway.

myBearpaw said...

I admired Catherine's butterfly so much, I am so pleased it came to you! And so pleased all the goodies you received have lifted your spirits too. You have already made me a lovely pear pincushion which I will take as my PIF, so cross me off your list. And nobody else will mind if you take another few months!

Micki said...

What a gorgeous butterfly...just love it.

karen said...

You made me a lovely apple and Dawn and Matthew a wonderful wedding hanging - very generous you are.

Lauranie said...

Hello friend!! Sorry once again for missing out on soooo much!! I've been slowly digging my way through my sewing room, so I can get back to creating! All of you creations are beautiful!! So glad to see things are slowly getting better for you! I too was admiring Catherine's lovely pincushions...soooo excited one came to you!! :) Congrats on your winnings...hope to catch up soon! xo

Evelyn said...

Hi Marguerite! Sorry I've been so out of touch! I'm glad to see you blogging again, and congrats on all your fun mail. Love that Fruitcake fabric - I've loved the BasicGray line from my scrapbooking days, before I got into quilting. Their designs are just so beautiful. Can't wait to see what you make with it!