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Monday, 29 November 2010

A Mega Post: - Weather, Goodies and Results!

Apologies to the fans of my daily weather report.. it's just not been in it! You all know the score... too much to do, too little time! However, with the "will it snow/won't it snow" situation, I can report 2 sleety flurries lasting about 20 minutes and disappearing in about 20 minutes too... Snow is still forecast but we'll have to see... nothing so far!

Instead it has been cold and bright. When wrapped up well, perfect dog walking weather!

Then the goodies section!! SO exciting! My luck is still holding (although the lottery tickets are doing nothing at all....:(

I have won on DeeRoo Designs blog!

I could choose a quiltie out of an entire washing line full! and I chose this lovely little cheery one! I am getting addicted to miniquilts since I started Doll Quilt Swap, and love having them cheering up the wall in my sewing corner.

Dolores not only sent the quiltie, but a coaster as well AND some lovely meadowsweet fabric AND a pattern! I am truly spoilt... thank you Dee !! Super parcel!!!

I also won a bag pattern on Susan Brubaker Knapp's blog. Susan is an amazing quilt artist and I have been following her blog for quite a while now. She came back with goodies from Quilt Market and I was lucky enough to win the Margot Bag pattern! Really looking forward to making this bag. I have been wanting to make bags for quite some time but STILL not got round to it... This looks like a great bag to make and hope to have some time for it soon! (... after Christmas.... ha!)

And... yes I have also been sewing like mad... I have nearly finished a quilt, which I will show you in a future post of its own, and I have been doing a bit of this...

and finished off a little bag... which is winging its way somewhere as we speak....

So finally some results!! Done that tick, tick, tick!! Yoooooeeee-heeeey !!!

I am going back to finish some more ticks on my list (not necessarily all sewing though) and will be back here when I have accomplished some more. (or if it snows..:-)


Julie said...

Hope you got at least a little snow. Kipper has been having a lovely time in all the snow we have up here, altho' she has to leap to get through it as it is so deep.
Your wins look lovely and you look as if you ahve been very busy sewing. Looking good. Juliex

Susan said...

Wow! You are one of the luckiest people around - winning all that loot! I lose track of all the giveaways I enter! The bag is really pretty! Good to see a lovely 'weather photo' again too! Suz x

Catherine said...

Lovely loot there Marguerite! Nice to see some fruits of your labour. That little bag is just gorgeous. Are those eyelets/grommets easy to put in?

Anonymous said...
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dolores said...

Thanks for the shout out Margie!!:) It's the least I can do for someone that is getting ready to host my kid for several days!;)

Would that be an advent calendar peeking out at us?

Unknown said...

Great that you are missing the snow - cold, crisp and a slight dusting here.
Love the handbag - what fabrics will you use.

myBearpaw said...

can't believe you are still winning stuff!! Well done again! And also for getting so much done. Love the bag!

quilthexle said...

Congrats to all your prizes. And I LOVE the bag you made, the colours are sooo beautiful.