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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fresh and Funky Bee - Some Great Girls !

Over a year ago we started the Fresh and Funky Bee. There were around 15 of us to start with (if I remember well...) and it was great to get to know each other and sew together!

This is the last block I have made for the bee and have now completed all the blocks so all my fellow bee members have had their month.

Sometimes in a bee, life takes over and people have to leave. Sad as it is, that is totally understandable and as the average lifetime of a single round is between 12 and 18 months, a lot can change!

This also happened to this bee, but the unusual thing is that quite a few of us experienced life changing events of some type or another during the bee's life. Some dear friends had to leave us. We understand and wish them well. The rest of us, even though it was very hard for quite a few members, continued and made up for those who left with an extra block or so here and there.

I myself tried to do my best and not disappoint but I must say I have been dreadfully late with my blocks!! My apologies to those who have been waiting but I am happy to say that with the above block gone I have fulfilled what I set out to do.

There have been quite a few changes in my life too over the duration of this bee and I am glad I managed to finish it. I have however let the girls know that finding a pattern, fabric, cutting and sending everything out for my own turn, is not possible for me at the moment. There are too many thing demanding my attention so I thought I would have to forfeit my go.

I had not counted on these wonderful ladies in the bee!! Several have offered to send me a block from their own stash if I only would mention a theme. I am very touched by their kindness and generosity and it would be wonderful to end the bee on such a happy note!

I have wished for a multicoloured star quilt (any star at all) on white or cream, any size block. This would leave plenty of scope to ad borders and sashing to make it up in a nice sized quilt! I am really excited about it and would like to say a public THANK YOU !!! to all the ladies in the bee. For thinking of doing this for me but also for being lovely fellow bee members! It has been a great ride and I only wish I had time to continue and do things properly (and on time :-)!!

Thanks everyone, long live the Fresh and Funky Bee because although the bee will be no more (for the time being at least) I know that all of us who have become friends will stay in touch !!


Cat said...

Much love and strength to you xxx I know with this bee I've made 'friends' people who I keep in touch with not via our blogs - I like that xxx
And some I hope all going to plan to meet one day

Liz said...

That mirrors exactly life for me Marg, the Bee Balm was the same too AND when I told them that I just couldn't manage to sort things out for mine, they too took it upon themselves to make my blocks anyway..quilters...we're amazing people you know.. :o)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I agree that Bees are brilliant, and the sewing bit is just a bonus!

Helen said...

Love these! And a very late happy new year! Helen x