Athens time

Sunday, 6 November 2011

What am I up to?

Rainy, grey afternoon....

I had an idea !

(well, not strictly my idea... I have seen differing version around the net)

From 2011-11-06

I have:

- An IKEA cuttingboard, the one that slightly overhangs the table
- Cushioning felt ironingboard underlay
- Heat resistant wadding (or batting take your pick)
- Some nice flannel in a lovely warm colour

What am I up to?


{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

I'll take a wild're building a new sailboat with a few toothpicks and some leftover gum. No? All right then perhaps you're making a new ironing board cover in which case I should mention that mine is looking rather tatty and could do with a make over ;-)
So good to have you back Marg!

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

A nifty table-top iron as you sew contraption?

Rafael's Mum said...

Leila, still saving on the toothpicks so not quite at that stage with the boat yet.... I'll have to get back to you on that ironing board cover too..

Hadley, you got it in one. The intention is there so now I only need to get it all to work!

Watch this space...