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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ta Daaaah.....

And here it is, my 'nifty table-top iron as you sew contraption' in situ !!

Sooo handy if you have to iron every seam you sew. No more getting up and walking to the other end of the room!

From 2011-11-06

Once I twigged how to load the staples into the staple gun, it came together fairly quickly;

Start with the cuttingboard. You can see how it is overhanging the table.

From 2011-11-06

Cut the long strip of ironing board cover in two and join

From 2011-11-06

Cover and staple to the back (no, I am not left handed but I didn't have a hand left to press the button on the camera so I am just pretending here so you get the idea..)

From 2011-11-06

Cut off excess and fold over corners

From 2011-11-06

Same with the glittery heat resistant one and then the cuddly flannely one..

From 2011-11-06

and last but not least, reversed 'hospital bed' corners to tuck it all away neatly.

From 2011-11-06

And voila! I chose flannel because I like the feel of it and it will stay lovely to work on. I chose the colour because it is an even colour, warm, but doesn't get boring and won't interfere with whatever you iron on it.

I auditioned quite a few of my favourite prints for this cover, but I found that it was hard to find little bits back amongst the busier of prints and so decided the plainer the better. This is just a little warmer than calico! (and I also had it in my stash.. for one of these days when you just need it... and that day just came!!)


Mrs Flying Blind... said...

Yay - I need one!!

Lara said...

Such a fabulous idea Marg... although I always joke to my husband that all the working I do between the iron and my machine surely makes up for some exercise somewhere ;)

Susan said...

Great idea Marg! I just the room to fit one in my little corner of the bedroom!

Marysia said...

Great idea! Thank for sharing. Have to buy a stapler for this though :)

Liz said...

Good one Marg, I have one of the Ikea boards that just sits in the kitchen and never gets used (we have a great big butchers block) what a fabulous idea, now I might just have to work on that..
Have a great week my friend..

Cat said...

fabulous idea ::))
and how lovely to see a post from you in my reader this morning

Catherine said...

Great idea Marguerite! I too have a little space beside my sewing machine for ironing those seams but it's just covered with an old towel.

Kerry said...

This is so clever! I'll definitely have to think about doing something like this. My sewing room is small, so saving some floor space from the ironing board would be great.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

That is brilliant, thanks for showing how you did it, I love it!!! xo