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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fat Quarterly is out !!

Guys, I have to tell you all about this new magazine! I have been writing individual people about how great it is and my arm is about to drop off, so then I got clever and thought I might as well tell you all in one go!
(image so scooped from Katy's blog.. I am sure she doesn't mind..)

FQ (Fat Quarterly) is a new online magazine. It is made by modern sewists and quilters for modern sewists and quilters and that is the beauty of it... They know exactly what interests us as they've been there, done that and got the quilts to prove it!

FQ is put together by the combined efforts of Aneela, Brioni, Katy, Kate, John and Tacha. Each of these 6 has a pattern in the magazine, entirely complete with layouts, fabric suggestions and detailed descriptions. There are giveaways, lots of interviews, a challenge for you to take part in and a fantastic review of the V&A quilt exhibition in London by Katy!

I have been asked by a lot of friends who have not been yet or who cannot go at all what it was like and what my impression are etc... and apart from a fleeting impression whilst I wandered through the exhibition completely dazzled and dazed and unable to take in much of the detail, I have told everyone about Katy's excellent review.

You now probably think I am working for the mag or get some sort of commission right? Nope, it's just I met four of them at the V&A. I was impressed then with the amount of thought and work and attention to detail that is being put into this. So I decided to buy the mag just to support them as they deserved it.

Having bought it and read it though, I must say I would have unreservedly bought it immediately had I been able to flick through first!! The price is $8 (£5.22 approx - daily rate) and the magazines come out quarterly. If you subscribe for a year (4 issues) you pay $28 instead of $32. A good saving.

And be honest, where do you find a magazine in which you find 6 patterns you are ALL dying to make? Plus not enough time to read all the interviews and book reviews because they are all so interesting? If I normally buy a magazine, I am happy if there are one or two patterns in it I like... so this is absolutely brill!

This is the summing up the FQ team give of their Issue 1 - Fresh Start;

"Six original project patterns including four all-new quilt patterns, a stunning pillow pattern, and a pattern for a fast & fun table runner

Interviews with some of today's hottest fabric designers dishing about their new & upcoming lines, including Lizzy House, Laurie Wisbrun, Cosmo Cricket, Mo Bedell, and more

Reviews of two new quilting books and a chance to win them both

An interview with Ingrid Press, the designer of the little house quilt that took Flickr by storm

An inside look at Quilts: 1700-2010, an exhibit on display at London's Victoria & Albert Museum

... and more!"

So go and buy it guys... you won't be disappointed !!


Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

I bought it and I'm not disappointed...fabulous, I love the inspiration and the info and the giveaways. xo

myBearpaw said...

hmmm... I think I will have to give this a try. I have only heard good things so far. Thanks Marg!