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Friday, 23 April 2010

Good intentions...

I am trying to be good and blog a little more often and keep in touch with you all. Trouble is that life seems to have a habit to get in the way of crafting sometimes and you have nothing to show... Also, if you have a down day, you don't really want to moan about it as we all know that the next day will be better don't we?

So I have decided to share the little progress, even if the big jobs are not done yet. You will have to bear with me then even if the posts are not world shattering or the job finished to sparkling perfection! (not that they ever are, but as good as can be!).

This post is the first step. I haven't got the photos sorted yet, so normally I would have not posted and waited for that (probably in a couple of days when I have time to do it) but following my good intentions straight away I will tell you about it instead and photos follow later.

Firstly I sent off my money order with the postage payable on the giveaway to Kelly. So with that paid and the planes flying again I am sure it will get here within about two weeks! Fingers crossed !

Secondly I did a mornings workshop yesterday on a Ricky Timms Convergence quilt. It is only small, the center of a quilt or a small wallhanging (14"sq) but it is an interesting concept. I will blog about it when I can. I have to rip and resew some seams... The piece consists of strips which have to be left strictly in order.. someone picked one up to look at the fabric and put it back in the wrong place, unbeknown to me as I was concentrating on sewing... so ... you guessed! it got sewn into the wrong place in the piece too... When I held it up at the end I saw it immediately so some remedial work has to be done first...

I am going to get on with the real work... Housework, shoppinglists, shopping, washing etc etc... as it does not do itself!!

Hope you all have a great day (or evening/night.. depending on where you are!) !!


myBearpaw said...

I am looking forward to seeing this convergence quilt as I don't think I have ever seen one! Nice to hear what you are up to, never mind the lack of photos!

Liz said...

The convergence quilt sounds really interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing that. 'Real Work' for me is sewing, the housework can wait, and most often does ;o)
Have a great weekend

Jenni said...

I know just how you feel - I have a lot of (small) progress reports and not many finishes. I think that readers will get bored with that, but too bad, ha? Keep at it

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