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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Kelly has a Giveaway Guys!

My oh my.... The lovely, energetic, sweet Kelly from I Have A Notion blog is having her One Year Bloggiversary.

Congratulations Kelly!

For those who do not know of her, she sells notions. But not only that, she is always on the go, finding new gadgets, telling us about it, making jokes, having fun and giving us that all so important information! The woman is a true whirlwind, go and visit her and you will not be disappointed!!

Now she has celebrated her milestone with 30 (yes 30!!) days of giveaways. How I managed to miss it I don't know (well.... I do.... first I had my op, then I erased my bloglist by accident and am very slow in putting it back on... too much to do!), but I am glad I caught it just in time!

First I thought I'd missed it all, but actually, she is not drawing till all is done and dusted on the 15th April so you still have some time to peruse her shop, her blog and ALL the prizes!

The big mama being yesterday's GO! AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter!!!

Wow! who wouldn't like to win that!! Fantastic prize!

But do go and check it out...

Blog Link::
Website Link :

You will not be disappointed.

Best of luck with your 2nd year Kelly, if it anything like the first it will be fantastic!

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