Athens time

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

After the rain...

The skies were laden and heavy raindrops started falling this afternoon. You stick your nose out of the door and you smell the dusty asphalt getting wet. We needed this nice downpour!

Here is a tugboat coming back into harbour just after the rain stopped. The sea still green and the skies laden. In the distance you can just see the silhouette of a tanker passing through the English Channel. The white line behind the tugboat is a line of breaking waves onto the treacherous Goodwin Sands. A sandbank that has seen a fair amount of wrecks in its days.

After the rain had stopped, Raf and I went to the park... It was deserted! Everything just a little wet but not too much and wonderfully fresh! Rafael had a lovely time running in the wet grass.

A bee was unperturbed by the drops still flowing off the petals and went about its duty collecting nectar.

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