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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Midnight Sandwich...

No, I wasn't hungry... I was making the quilt sandwich at the only time I get time to do some sewing, in the evening and at night.

I was determined to get this done yesterday so pieced the backing (I won't mention that it is not totally square across as I am of course the only one who sees this :-).

Then laid it out (I did remember to turn it over, yes, thanks..) and made the sandwich..
Excuses for the bad lighting, but it WAS midnight.. (or actually 1.30am by then). And pinned it all down;
No more excuses now... next job is definitely stippling! Stay tuned!


Evelyn said...

Good job on the basting! Looks like it was a tight fit in that space. :-)

machen und tun said...

yay, your halfway there! just go for it, i will stay tuned..

Micki said...

Can't wait to see the machine quilting and the finished product.

Catherine said...

I see you hd a little helper with your basting. Have fun quilting.

Unknown said...

good luck and have fun with it.