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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Apologies - Flickr photostream...

I must apologize to those who have commented on my Flickr photo stream and I have not got back to. I really appreciate each and every comment and endeavour to answer them all if possible!

Somehow, I am checking the blog entries, but it did not occur to me to check the photos in the stream that are not on the blog! Thank you for your comments! (Claudia, Catherine, everyone!!) I really appreciate each and every one of them.

I promise to better my life and check my photostream too from now on... (darned, there are so many functions to blogger, flickr etc etc... I am still not quite on top of it all.... )


~Laurie~ said...

How can we keep track of all this technology stuff AND craft too?!!!! Just not enough hours in the day :)

Evelyn said...

You can change your settings in Flickr to get emailed whenever anyone comments on your photos. Go to "your account", click on the Email tab, and at the bottom there is a thing about "Receiving activity notification emails". Click on edit, and you can turn on the option to get an email when someone comments. Easy!