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Friday, 24 July 2009

It's going well

I have really gone for it and am half way! Yay!! I am really speeding up now and it is a little easier with the practice. I am not keen on the pattern I am making (something like weird coral fingers...) but it looks nice if you look at the quilt overall and not too close up.

Must find some other patterns and try it out. Maybe mark the quilt before doing it? I wonder how you would do that... pencil? Anyone know?

But that is for later quilts. First getting on with this one. I must say, it is starting to look a lot nicer now it's getting quilted! I can't wait to finish bind and wash!!


Megan of Fabric Love said...

Hey Marguerite-

I found these cool free motion patterns at Patsy Thompson designs:

You can see the back of one of my renditions of one of her designs here:

You could mark it on your fabric with a washable/disappearing pen, or mark it on paper (tracing, disolving, etc), then remove it. I free-handed mine and it turned out pretty well, considering my machine is now trying to skip stitches.

The worst thing that could happen is you end up picking out a few stitches if you don't like it. :)

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Congratulations on getting through your quilting, you get a real sense of achievement when you finish a job like that. If I ever mark out a top I use a washout pen, however I usually just use freemotion and make it up as I go! Have fun xo

karen said...

Way to Go Girl!!!You are now way ahead of me!! Its great to see your beautiful quilt progressing.