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Friday, 29 May 2009

What happened next ....

(DS2 fixed the photo thing... not sure what happened there...)

Now I must say first off, that dogs are allowed to be off lead in this bit. Of course if they do not disturb the wildlife and are under control. Luckily Rafa listens well and comes when asked so he could roam a bit...

So we sat down and watched the ferry come in,

Did some birdwatching together,.....
(if you click on the photo and enlarge it, you can actually see the bird. Look right over Rafa's head). Update: the bird is a redshank.

and ignored the boggy smelly ditch at the bottom of the next photo......

When suddenly... whilst I was taking the close-up, Rafael decided to go explore that yummy boggy goodness.... I felt him sliding away from my side and no sooner had I realized what was happening, he had plonked himself, four paws at once, into the bog ! I called, he came, no problem.... (had I been a millisecond quicker to call the muddiness too could have been avoided.. but hey, I was concentrating on holding a camera with 48x zoom still without a tripod... )

No more white socks for Rafa !! And the smell ! THE SMELL !!! It's a shame you can't smell it (or maybe not...) but I drove home with him on a blanket and the window open !!

I will leave you with a shot of the bay,

And the worm diggers who are always there at low tide to dig for worms (of course.. you guessed..) to sell to the angling community.

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