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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Old Red Barn Sew-along

I have finally sorted my fabric choices for the sew along... As I said, I have printed the samples and played along to choose 12 from the 64 or so (or was it 68..) available... No mean task, but I think I've done it...

I have ordered it all from Heather Bailey's own website. The line is called Pop Garden. It looks ok in the paper I think, I wanted it to be very busy, bit like the quilt I saw in the quilt show (I saw this after I ordered the fabric and was very pleased with how that one blended so well !! Fingers crossed for mine !! It's all in the fabric choice... phew... ).. I hope it will work out ok..

So it's ordered and on the way next week. I will be one week "out" at least as it will be a "waiting" week rather than a "cutting" week.. but hey, week 3 will be a "cutting and sewing week"... or week 4 a ... oh well... you get it.... we'll see !

Here it is in paper:

What do you think ?

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