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Monday, 11 May 2009

The Ellen Macarthur Trust
Inspiring young people's cancer recovery through sailing

This is the Scarlet Oyster, the Ellen MacArthur Trust boat. She is sailing around Britain this summer, from 3 May till 12 September. The Trust takes young people with cancer sailing. They are often depressed because of all they have to go through with their illness but so very brave, and sailing helps them enormously. Whilst the boat is in Harbour, Ellen herself is giving talks in 15 harbours on the way, with the proceeds going entirely to the Trust. The Trust also is encourageing you to "buy a mile" for £10. This ensures the boat keeps going for another mile. Thus there are two boats going around Britain, the actual one, and a virtual one. It is hoped the virtual one will make many more miles than the actual one ! To check where they both are and to make a donation, the website is: " ". (sorry not sure yet how to make a link...).

The Scarlet Oyster is at the moment still in Dover. She was due to depart today but the bad weather has meant she has to stay in harbour till the weather improves. Next talk 16 May at the University of Greenwich. Highly recommended !!

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