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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Sew-along and Quilt show

It never rains but it poors !  All this week I have been terribly excited by the Old Red Barn Sew-along.  I saw it when it started and as this is the very first thing (apart from the Bushfire project of course) I have joined online, I was full of anticipation of doing this thing together !  I managed (after several mishaps) to join the Flicker group, only to loose my username and password...  I am sure it will turn up again.  I am useless with passwords...  They tell you that for extra security, you have to have a different one for all accounts... so I duly obey, and create a myriad of usernames and passwords.... only to forget which one is of what !  

In any case.  This week is fabric buying week.  I love buying fabric !  Trouble was, I tried to work out what I loved about Dana's original quilt.  After considering a million fabric choices, which weren't quite the thing, I realized through someone on the Flicker group, that it was -quite apart from Dana's wonderful eye for colours and settings -  that particular fabric... (of course !! I am so stupid...) Sandi Henderson's.  I love both her fabric lines and having realized, I resolved to get that.  Problem two.  Not available near here or in UK online..  Not daunted, thought I'd order it from the US.  On Sandi's website you can find the stores that sell and internationally send.  Unfortunately only by the yard.... Back to square one....

Now I happen to also like Amy Butler (limited availability here) and Heather Bailey (forget it..).  Surfing along I found Heather's Pop Garden range and I loved it !!  What's more, it's available from her website AND by the half yard !  As I need 12 of those, that's quite a bonus !  So I spent the evening printing examples of the designs (that's another colour printcartridge gone...) and making a design board of what I liked.  Great fun !! 

All that is left for this week's task is to order.  I imagine I will be "out" by a week as I now have to wait for it to arrive so cannot do week 2's 'cutting' stage.  But never mind. I am sure I will catch up as soon as it arrives !

It is going to be an exciting week fabric wise, as I am also waiting for a whole lot of Moda's Momo Wonderland fabric, enroute from Australia !  Who would have thought it... This blogging of mine does not only put me in contact with new friends all over the world, it also has brought on this...'oh that's gorgeous.. gotta have that..' virus... (internationally !) Better keep it in check after this for a while !!  Luckily my mum had given me a voucher ("go get yourself some nice fabric darling") for my birthday.  So I am hereby doing just that!

This morning also off to a nearby quiltshow.  It's at Minster (in Thanet) Church.  Saturday 23rd May (today), Sunday 24th May and Monday 25th.  Starting at 10 each day till mid afternoon (4 I think it is).  Hosted by the Abbey Patchers, the local quilt group.  Further info from Tina Parker, tel 01843 822233. In case you are in the neighbourhood ! 

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