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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday again and trying out photo's...

It seems to get into a pattern... this weekly posting. And still no photo's... So I have dedicated a few hours (yes... really... but I got them onto the computer !) to take some photo's of the lapquilt for my friend in Holland.

Let's see if I can get this right... Trying to find the lapquilt:

Aha ! Here it is ! Not much patching on my part as I only added the borders. The panel in the middle is preprinted. It is called "Footprints in the Sand". My friend liked the panel, so I quilted it for her.

Some of the detail:

I am not very good at quilting, having only ever handquilted once (my first lapquilt!) (not this one that is, that was a star ninepatch).

You can see on the detail in the seagull the whoppers of stitches I use but enjoy it and I am sure it will get better with practice..

It's quite a struggle with knowing where the text appears and the pictures (all over the place !) but I think I got it in some sort of order.....

This better get easier ! that's all I can say.... otherwise no more photo's.... (no more blog???)

Rushing off to do some shopping. Bye folks.

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black bear cabin said...

Personally, i think tiny stitches are over-rated...not as much personality in the quilting!
You did a wonderful job on this quilt, and im sure your friend loves it!