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Monday, 14 December 2009

Giveaway - The Results!

The giveaway is now closed for entries and what a wonderful response there was!

Just in case you missed any of it.... 5 people took up the challenge of posting where they live.

Three of them posted truly remarkable extensive tours!! If you have missed them, go have a look! Thank you so much Jo, Catherine and Lauranie! Your indepth tours and wonderful photography are a true delight. Thank you for taking so much of your time to show us round. I thoroughly enjoyed the photos and descriptions and hope my readers did too!

Jo over on Bearpaw's blog has written a fantastic superb post on Edinburgh in Scotland.
Introducing Blackford and Morningside

Catherine of The Sewing Attic has taken us on a tour of Whangamata in New Zealand. 'My corner of the World'

Lauranie of This is Sew my Life has posted a tour around Lafayette, Louisiana "Lafayette... my kinda town".

2 of the entrants posted a shorter account;

Karen of Badland's blog, had allready posted some pictures on the Selvadge blog
Badlands' Karen on the Selvadge blog and directed us there

On Brenna's blog you can find some pictures of the lake near which she lives.

Thanks to you Karen and Brenna too. It did give us a snapshot of where you live (or used to, in Karen's case) and both the Badlands and the Lake look breathtakingly beautiful!

So if you haven't yet... visit these 5 ladies, the trip is definitely worth it!!

(I also have been promised some more tours by bloggy friends who currently have no time... what a time to reach your 100th post... just before Christmas... I couldn't have timed it worse... but thank you those who are doing a tour in the New Year. I am really looking forward to seeing where you live !!)

Now onto the draw.....
I did have a little help but unfortunately he couldn't quite manage to fish out the paper with his paw! So he supervised while we did the draw ourselves....

Without further ado...

Moda Jelly roll goes too...... Catherine of the Sewing Attic
Canvas Panel............. Lauranie , This is Sew my Life
Notebook to........... Susan, Flossieblossoms
Sewing holder........ Jo of Sewjo on Flickr (not sure about a blog)
Halforsen Panel.......... DeeRoo of DeeRoo Designs
and another Halforsen Panel...........Karen, Badlands blog

Congratulations everyone!!

Please send me your mail address
and I will get the goodies out to you. They will not get there before Christmas. I probably will send them out at the end of the week (mad busy week for me too... not even started on Christmas yet... no tree, no present buying, making... nothing....) and with the delay of the Christmas post it will be between Christmas and the New Year. Still, I suppose nice to look forward to when all the Christmas excitement has died down?

It is no surprise that those with the extra entries (who also did all the extra work!) had a bigger chance of winning. This seems to be reflected in the results even though only half of all prices went to a "tour entry". I had rather hoped one of the prizes would have gone to Jo however, who gave up her one day off from work a week, to go around Edinburgh and take pictures for my challenge... It is amazing her name did not get pulled out of the hat but that is the luck of the draw....

However, to show my appreciation for the extreme effort she has gone to, I have decided to add a little something to the prizepool and will put it in the post. So send me your address Jo, and an envelope will fall on your doormat.

Thank you to all who have taken part and in particular those who have done tours. I really enjoyed hosting this giveaway.

Up to the next 100 and hoping you all still be with me and many new friends besides!


Catherine said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I'm so excited! Can you tell? A moda jelly roll! How cool!!
Okay enough exclamation marks. Really enjoyed the challenge of doing a post about my town Marguerite so it was my pleasure and from the comments I got, a lot of people enjoyed it too. Looking forward to all those other 'my town' posts in the New Year. Thank you for your generosity Marguerite!

Susan said...

OMG. I think I'm going to faint. 2 wins in one day, 3 in the last 3 days? This is freakishly FUN! Thanks so much, Marguerite, you are a doll for hosting such a lovely, huge giveaway!

I'm going to cherish that notebook and you KNOW I love the bright fabrics!

I promise, once it gets pretty around here again, I'll get some photos. It's so dreary right now, it's not worthy of photography.

I totally enjoyed seeing Catherine's tour and I'll be sure to go look at the others.

Thanks again, sweetie! You are a peach!

Lauranie said...

oooohh THANK YOU!! I know just what to do with this panel!! My FABULOUS Aunt, who just finished her last round of Radiation Therapy, after 10 months of Chemo in hopes that she will kick that breast cancer in the BUTT, has her home decorated in the Nautical theme! This will go very well...and she will be SO EXCITED that it came all the way from Ramsgate!! I enjoyed giving the helps me learn a little more about this place that I've called home for almost 10 years!! Thanks so much for such an AWESOME 100th post and giveaway!! And congrats to all of the winners! :D

Jo said...

Thank you so much, this is the first time I have won a give a way, but as I am fairly new to searching the internet for interesting things it's not surprising --just surprising that I won Hip Hip hooray. In the new year I may even try to start a blog - you never know. I am not sure how to send my address to you in a secure way, should I send you a flickr mail?? Oh! I am so excited, like a kid in the Christmas store. Thanks again you have been very generous with gifts and your time spent blogging

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Congrats to all the winners and thanks for the links to the tours, wonderful job! Your little doggy helper is soooo cute Marguerite. xo

myBearpaw said...

Wow thanks Magueritte! You really don't need to send me anything, I really did enjoy doing my tour and that was a prize in itself. But it is very sweet of you. Thing is about prize draws - not everyone can win!
I will email you my address in a longer chattier email (have been just too, too busy and I still haven't got my tree up either!!) xx

dolores said...

WhoooHOooooo....I'm a winner too...thank heaven Marguerite emailed me to let me know because I sure wasn't paying attention...what an ingrat I am!:)

THANKS again will be fun getting a package after Christmas and fabric is always welcomed....I'll have to make sure my mom doesn't see it!;)