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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Quilts for Ireland

Rachel from PS I Quilt, has joined forces with the Irish Quilting Magazine.

Do you you remember the awful rains and the nasty flooding in the UK in November? Ireland was very hard hit too and a lot of people lost a lot in the floods....

It seems a long time ago now everyone is talking about the snow.. but though for some it might be 'yesterday's news', for those affected the aftermath is all to real ! (and not in a very nice way....).

The action therefore has been set up to send a block or a block or two to either Rachel (if you are in the US) or directly to the magazine (Irish Quilting) if you are in the UK or Ireland. Read all about it on Rachel's blog HERE.

Rachel has a wonderful tutorial on her blog for the suggested disappearing nine patch block. I will not do one but just refer you to here HERE!!

Just a few photos of how my block is getting together................
sew together;
cut through the middle;

turn two bits around;and sew together again...

to have this effect with more blocks together!
Rachel is asking who has time to make a block? Lots of quilts are allready being distributed !
See Rachels update HERE!

Maybe you have some time over the holidays?

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Allie said...

It's lookin' good!