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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Giveaway Update... Still time to enter!

(Update again within this post at the end - 7 Dec- Whangamata New Zealand)
(New update Dec 8 Lafayette... see end of the post)

Thank you all for your entries into my giveaway!

I am absolutely delighted to report that Jo over on Bearpaw's blog has taken up the challenge and written a fantastic superb post on where she lives!

Beautiful photos and extensive text. She has put in every effort and I highly recommend a visit to go and see Introducing Blackford and Morningside to have a birdseye view (literally too!) of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Thanks Jo for taking the trouble. I really enjoyed your tour! (mega extra points have been added!)

Karen of Badland's blog, has also directed me to some pictures of where she used to live in the Badlands (although she has since moved). Lovely country scenes to be found here;
Badlands' Karen on the Selvadge blog

On Brenna's blog you can find some pictures of the lake near which she lives and she tells us a bit about it.

Thanks to Karen and Brenna too for posting the pics.

The giveaway is still open. Both for 'normal' entries and the extra awards for the "Where I Live" tour. I'd love to see some more coming up! You have another week to go and grab your camera. I have been promised another few posts (won't say yet... it will be a surprise) and will be updating as more stories come in !

GO for it guys! Loved your story Jo! Can't wait for more entries to come in!

Dec 7 update:
Another most fabulous entry has come in!! Just look at the amazing post Catherine of The Sewing Attic has put together! Cycling way up the hill to get us stunning vistas of Whangamata in New Zealand where she lives. Go visit her post 'My corner of the World' you won't regret it!

Thank you so much Catherine for giving us such a great look into where you live! Fabulous...

Guys ... I'm sooo excited about this! Really looking forward to another one!!! Who's next ?? (and all extra entries don't forget!!)

Dec 8 update:
The lovely Lauranie has posted a tour around the town she lives...: "Lafayette... my kinda town". She is taking us around Lafayette, it's churches, christmas lights, bridges, university and swamp with real crocodiles... brrrr.... Worth a look... go go go ... NOW...

Thanks you so much Lauranie! A fantastic tour.. This is so brilliant!!


Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Count me in, although I don't have time to take any pics unfortunately!!! I am loving your beautiful photo's of Ramsgate, what a stunning place to live, thank you for the tour, I will come back and take it again soon! xo

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Oh and a HUGE congratulations on 100 posts, isn't it fun? Blogging can really enrich your life especially when we find wonderful friends like you! xo