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Saturday, 13 June 2009

Camera problems....

Now I wanted to start this morning with some of the updates I promised you.. but more problems occurred! I borrowed my son's camera (since mine broke on Rafs' birthday) and inserted a new SD card. Took some nice pics of my progress on the quilt, and some more, and then tried to transfer them. You've probably never heard of these problems! The SD card in his camera does not work in mine, and vice versa. What is worse. I used a brandnew one so as not to get my photos mixed with his on the card,and it took the photos fine. you can see them on his camera when reviewing. it's just that when you try to offload them onto the computer, it doesn't get recognised.... And I thought that an SD card was an SD card... apparently not (the new one that works in his camera - but not on the computer - did not work on mine..). The mind boggles. And being a tecnological non-starter in the first place (I'm really of the school; press that button there and it'll be allright lol!)I have given up after 3 hours of trying different things. I am going to do what I should have done in the first place! Go to the camerashop to see what the verdict is on mending mine, and ask them about the card mystery. They should know, shouldn't they? or maybe I am too optimistic...

Ok, I am off to the shop, and to go and get some foodshopping done and if I am very lucky, some sewing... I have all my strips now and found I have wrongly measured (can't believe I did that !) and I have 12" not 12.5" so need to go to 11.5" like Dana has after all that dithering, getting advice and redesigning.... So heck. I have chucked out the stripe and the bright pink (like 'karensc0smos'suggested - my first thought was nooooooo..... but you were right ! thanks!) and am going to be very good from now on and follow Dana to the letter. Twice 6 colours, vary the order, 3 blocks of 11.5" square. That's what it's going to be. But it was good to get all of your advice girls! It made me think and it made me learn! So thanks to everyone at Old Red Barn who helped me!

(Update; my brain is obviously not working ! I have 12" width... so must have 12" squares... with the seam allowance they will come out 11.5" in the end....duh...!!)

I leave you for now with a view from the promenade to the beach, taken on Giveaway day on the way to the park.

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