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Sunday, 21 June 2009

A decision - a morning walk

After much deliberation, and a lot of advice of all my quilting blogging friends, I decided to take the green out.... I have replaced it with softer colours, most of which are patterns of set one.

This means that the 'pattern' will be thrown out in so much, that some patterns may be touching and forming a "T", which, in the original pattern, would not be possible. I wondered whether that would matter, but I decided that as I wanted the quilt to look pastel and scrappy, it would possibly only help making it more pastel, and throwing out the uniformity of the pattern.

All this became clear to me after all your comments. It made me look at it from different angles, which meant I learnt a lot. Thank you all who helped!

So.... I am still sitting here with two piles of blocks... be it without the green. I have decided to go with random. And am going to make it so random, I am not even going to lay it out again... I will just blindley grab from one pile or another and sew my rows then sew rows together.. until... "Surprise! I will have a quilt-top !! and it wil be a surprise to me too! Can't wait to start it later on.

First things first of course
, as Rafael reminded me, and off to the park we went. It is a gloomy day here. No rain at the moment, though a lot last night. Billowing clouds blowing over. Not good for the airshow today in neighbouring Margate. Being in the flightpath between there and the nearby airport where they all take off, we sometimes see the planes coming over as they come in to land. Haven't seen any today yet.

In the dark day, I came across a few flowers on the way to the park;

Firstly a tree (shrub?) which I had never seen flowering before with delicate little flowers:

A shrub with flowers like exploding fireworks looks a bit messy from far away:

But close up, it revealed hundreds of little beetles in the flowers;

And a rather delicate flower arrangement;

Broom, allready past its best, but still spreading a lovely scent and dapperly blooming on in patches;

and last but not least, some very luminous roses, brightening up the dark day;

walk over, dog tired, back to work !!

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Lauranie said...

I LOVE the clocks!! Now I know what time it is here, there, and everywhere else!! Enjoy those beautiful flowers!! We are in a draught over her in Louisiana, which is very unusual...I guess it is saving up for HURRICANE SEASON!! I'm not an avid waterer so my poor plants and flowers start drooping before I realize they need to be watered! :( I can't wait for the "surprise" quilt! I am looking at the other pictures trying to picture it without the green! xo