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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sewn Giveaway Draw on Monday 8th June

Regarding the timing of the giveaway closing and the draw taking place, Sarah placed the following on her blog:

The SEWN and the Last Piece draws will close at 4pm Eastern Standard Time June 8, that's Sydney time. If you are a blogger in another country I leave it up to you to set a time for your draw to end, so long as it is on Monday, June 8.

This is 4pm Sydney time. Which I looked up and seems to be GMT +10. So, I think, that 4pm in Sydney, therefore is 10 hours earlier over here so that would make it 6am here in the UK! Now as you imagine, 6am I will be awake, but busy with showers, breakfasts and schoolruns.

I will close the draw at 8am in the morning in the UK. Comments received after 8am UK time/6pm Sydney time will not be entered in the draw, even though the actual draw might not yet have taken place. (there gotta be a limit somewhere...). I am sorry this does not give more time to UK readers to enter over monday, but as SEWN is an Australian site, I feel I have to try and approximate roughly the same deadlines. 8pm here would be tuesday in Sydney and that would not be according to the rules !

So I will do the draw (in some random way or another) between 8am and 10am in the morning, in the UK on monday which would make this somewhere between 6pm and 8pm in the evening in Sydney.

For my US readers... they are behind... 4 timezones across as you all know, but you probably will be sleeping (if you are on the west coast and... I think it is 8 hours behind) you will be between midnight and 2 am. You can log on on waking and see what happened !

Another advantage of blogging ! Such fun to find out where everyone is from and learn about timezones.

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for visiting my blog and all your kind comments !

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