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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Suprise in the Post !!

Thank you so much, Catherine from 'The Sewing Attic' blog.

I was the lucky winner of the redraw of her Mayday giveaway and the parcel arrived at my doorstep quite quickly, all the way from New Zealand!

I opened the airmail plastic and saw a lovingly wrapped parcel.... the suspense!!!

I opened it and what a lovely parcel it was ! Not only had Catherine sent the wonderful wonderful batik FQ's she promised, I also got one of her lovely pinchusions, a great flower brooch, and even some more notions thrown in! I love she included a postcard of where she lives. A very thoughtful and much appreciated touch!

I had been using a pincushion my mother had made for me, handpainted by herself and I love it! However.... it is a tad on the small side so I had been throwing pins in a beaker and an old box leftover from chocolates (those rocher ferrero golden balls, the boxes are rigid plastic and so useful!!). I did really need something bigger and... voila! here it is!!

Catherine says she is looking forward to seeing what I do with the Fat Quarters... You will have to be a bit patient Catherine.. Old Red Barn Sew along is taking all the time at the moment.. and I'm still behind.. I will get to it!

Thank you so much for this wonderful generous giveaway. Those batiks are lovely!


Evelyn said...

I love that pincushion! Those batiks are so lovely and colorful, and I love all the wee animal/insect ones. And is that velvet ricrac?? Nice package!

Rafael's Mum said...

Gosh yeah, velvety ricrac.. couldn't think of the name so grouped it together with the buttons in 'notions', isn't it lovely ?? I'm so pleased to have finally won something! and then such a nice prize too!