Athens time

Monday, 15 June 2009

Tia finished off my quilt for
the Bushfire Quilt Project !!!

Look: !!

This is the front, all nicely quilted up and bound.

Marguerite's Quilt for the Bushfire Quilt Project

And this is the back, she added a few bits of leftover fabric and magically came up with a full width backing for the quilt. I tried to make the back but the big star with the borders was not big enough and there wasn't enough left over to go round again... So I said "Tia, Help" and Tia not only made the back work, but also quilted it all up and turned it into a beautiful quilt!

Back of Marguerite's quilt

Thank you so much Tia ! For finishing and coordinating the making of 104 quilts !! For finishing my quilt and for the tireless way you have given all your energy and time to conclude this project in spite of moving continents in ... what is it now? Less than a week I think !!!



~Laurie~ said...

OH MY! This quilt is gorgeous!! I love the back as much as the front!! Someone will be very, very luck to receive this one! Just beautiful!!
Terrific work!

Lauranie said...

I NEED A TIA!! This quilt is stunning! The recipient will be so happy to have this beautiful work! Love the colors and block designs!!