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Monday, 8 June 2009

The Results are in !!!

My apologies to all for posting a little later than I said... We had a few technical difficulties !

It's our dog Rafael's birthday today and what better way to involve him than to use him as a Random Number Generator !

It is a beautiful sunny day here, so I picked up my camera, shot a few pictures down to the beach from up the cliff, and arrived at the park.

We set up the "generator", by one son holding Rafa, the other in charge of a pile of balls numbered 0, 1 etc up to 9. The idea was that Raf would collect a ball (as he is used to running after balls) and bring it back. Collect a second ball, and bring it back to me. In case the number was too high (say 52, brought back in order,) we would reverse it.

First problem was that as soon as we got to the park, my camera gave up...I will need to have it mended. I had to use my new mobile (don't know how to use it yet, so different from my old one) so instead of nice clear, closeup images of the choosing, you get something far away and murky (not the same quality I'm afraid.. a little phone for you). But... at least, having come this far and Rafa chomping at the bit, there was some way of recording this. Also had some problems trying to work out how to get it off my phone and into the blog, but finally managed!

Then problem number two.... Our random number generator thought that with ten balls on the grass, all his birthdays had come at once ! and he kept changing his mind which ball was definitely the nicest ! (all new balls, all the same to make it fair). It was a hoot to see him coming halfway back, then realize that there, really, must be, a better ball !! and run back again. He was so overexcited we had a hard job to get him to drop the balls he did get as far as me (that's why I was so far away from the balls) and read the number !

We finally managed... I literally fell about laughing. Rafa is having such a nice birthday ! A you can see on the following (very very bad quality film... but put it on anyway so you can see it is totally random and fair), the number was 35.

The winner is Isabel F, from the Rosa e Chocolate blog in Portugal, who said:

wow!! lovely giveaway!!
count me in, please!!
hugs Isabel

Congratulations Isabel ! I will email you for your address and send you your goodies asap!


Lauranie said...

This is so FUNNY!! And so totally random! I love it! Rafael looks to have had so much fun doing that! Happy belated birthday Rafa!!

Rafael's Mum said...

Thank you Lauranie! He had a great day, he couldn't believe his luck TEN brand spanking new balls to choose from ! Only let him keep one in the end. But he was happy to have everyone in the park with him and to be getting all the attention. Much better present than yet more toys!

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