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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Old Red Barn Co Sew-along Update

I am finally getting underway ! I have been dithering about whether to use my 15 colours, or 12. Whether to make it a big quilt, small quilt, square quilt etc etc. I have been doing math as a bedside lullaby (don't do it.. it doesn't work!) only to discover I had read the wrong end of the ruler and I have 12" blocks, not 12.5".....

So all the math was thrown out again. I then decided to put aside the two brightest colours, make it more pastel, like I intended in the first place, and go with the twice 6 colours.. like Dana proposed in the first place too! Phew.... It was a long way around but I learned a lot on the way!

This is the first sample block;

Then I chose my two groups of 6 colours each.

I hope it is even enough colourwise.. but as we are supposed to be a bit random and not overthink (overthinking definitely my strong point!!) I left it at this and we'll just have to see what happens. If it doesn't work... all part of the learning process....

Then sewn all the strips together;

Going to cut them all into blocks now and the arranging fun can start!


Lauranie said...

WoW! I am already loving this quilt! Can't wait to see the finished product!

karen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words.

I googled Raphael's Mom earlier to try and find you and found Thought it might be you - then when I got your blog URL I thought hmmm she has had a lot of changes in her life and then when I realized Raphael was your dog I realized my mistake. LOL Blog mistaken identity!! So glad to have found the real you!!

Your quilt is on its way to gorgeous!! Yeah!!
Take care

karen said...

p.s. I am aqua - we share these qualities:
Your saturation level is very high - you are all about getting things done. The world may think you work too hard but you have a lot to show for it, and it keeps you going. You shouldn't be afraid to lead people, because if you're doing it, it'll be done right.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.

LOL - yes must remember to tone it down sometimes!!

Rafael's Mum said...

Neither can I Lauranie! I wouldn't be trying this if it wasn't for old red barn! am so curious to see what it comes out as. learning so much!

Hey Karen, If I comment and you click on the blue name, you get the profile. and on my profile are my blog and my email. that is why i could not find your email. it's not on your profile! I looked up the other Rafael's mom. Didn't know about her. That Rafael is very cute too but two less legs! No I'm not in Beirut! and not that slim either! lol! Isn't the colour thing fun! The blog I got it from was purple I think, forgot who it was now. Did your word thing too. Oh yes, you know that... Email me if you like, we seem to have a lot in common!

Catherine said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result. I think it's looking great so far! Did that quiz and the end result didn't sound like me at all!Good fun though.