Athens time

Sunday 11 May 2014

What's happening?

Well.... for a kick off, not a lot of writing!  (As you might have noticed.. ahum..) but... instead the sewing has taken priority!

This is what is under the machine at the moment.  Lots of quilting going on.
Also lots of exciting news, but more of that to come. Still struggling along with my other blog on Wordpress but practice makes perfect!  isn't that true?
So for now (for those of you who follow boths blogs) there will be some duplication.  
Eventually this will stay my personal blog, with loads of other stuff going on like outings and photography, and what have you not, whilst the Wordpress on (Marguerite Quilting) will become pure quilting.  At least... that is the plan!  We'll see what happens! 
See you all very soon, back to my quilting :-)

Sunday 23 March 2014

The Old Red Barn does it again! (giveaway involved!)

Way back in 2009, Dana, of the Old Red Barn Co, organised a sewalong. I took part and it was a blast! In fact, we, all the peeps taking part in that first quilt, had such fun together, we begged Dana to keep on and do another one!

She did, and whilst some of us managed to make more of the intervening rounds (hosted by a different quilter each round) than others, The Old Red Barn Company Flickr group (ORBC FLickr) is still going strong!

And can you imagine, on April 1st (I have been assured this is no joke!!) round 15 is starting off, led by the indomitable Dolores and promises to be amazing!

Do join us all in this round, it's going to be scrappy, it's going to be fun and, so Dee says, very quick too! What's not to like!

To keep us all happy whilst waiting to start, Dee is having a brilliant Giveaway! Thanks Dee!!

Go to the Flickr Group to take part!!

It'll be fantastic so see you there !!

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Tuesday 11 February 2014

Once you start playing....

You discover more and more loveliness and possibilities...

Who would have thought that Anna Maria Horner's Lou Lou Thi range would go so nicely with essex linens? 

I'm getting all excited now and my carefully folded stash cupboard is a mess!  

Sunday 9 February 2014

Mmmmm.... Rural Jardin....

Those who know me well, also know that when I LOVE some fabric, I tend to have a hard time cutting into it... and so I have on my shelves some mouthwatering amazing fabrics that are long out of print...

I still have some of my favourite print ever! (sssshhh.... it's in a collection by Momo called Wonderland...)but that is for another time.

Cutting into my favourites is the hardest thing ever, but, because I am, like many on a fabric diet :-) I have decided to at long last cut into my stash!

So here it is...

My coveted jellyroll by the amazing French General: Rural Jardin!!

Now what to make...mmmm.... I have a plan!

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wisdom and Winnie the Pooh

Do you love Winnie the Pooh?
 pooh 2
 (photo via facebook, I could not find the source to accredit)

I find that in life, some of Pooh's wise words will always pop up somewhere unexpected. 

I just found a collection of sayings on facebook and one I found particularly charming is this one;

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”

I also was delighted to find a picture of the original toy animals.  What an amazing imagination can spark from toy friends!

britain free winnie
(photo associated press via facebook)

One last quote that in today's stressed world might be of benefit to many;

“Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there someday.”

So this is my plan, getting there someday whilst making exciting discoveries.

Sounds good?   :-) 


Monday 13 January 2014

Sibling Together Bee2 - Block progress

I am starting to catch up!

Blocks for Svea for the Siblings Together Bee.

This is going to be one colourful quilt!!

Thursday 2 January 2014

Came across this somewhere on facebook....

See?  I knew that somehow, somewhere I was cool after all.... :-)