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Monday, 13 August 2012

Bee finishes..

For Danielle

For Mary

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Textile Journeys - An Exhibition

This morning I went to a lovely exhibition. This was the announcement (for those of you who can still go along today and tomorrow all day, WELL worth it!!!).

"Textile Journeys is an Exhibition of the work by Village Textiles students, including those completing City & Guilds Levels 2 & 3 Stitched Textiles.

A trader is attending, offering a range of textile supplies. The Old School, Church Street, Minster, Nr. Ramsgate, Kent CT12 4BX.

4 - 5 August 2012: 10am - 5pm. Admission £1. Tea, coffee and homemade cakes available."

The coffee and cakes were absolutely delicious, eaten at tables on chairs resting the weary feet before going around once more.

The trader is Alison from Smartfrog (website; -click HERE for the link- email: smartfroghop at As those in the know will tell you, she has not only a great range in quality quilting fabrics(and the eye for colour and design with it, so you are getting invaluable advice) but also a range of materials which are beautiful in Art Quilts. An extensive Stef Francis range as well a many of her own hand dyed material which range from different textiles, to wool, to threads and more! (very innovative and exciting, give her a ring to make an appointment to see her at home in her in-house studio in Broadstairs, Kent, you won't regret it). Needles to say I was inspired and did not come away empty handed!

The two jewel coloured FQ's were purchased for the FQ EEP bee where Danielle would like jewel tones for her block. I seemed to have been turquoise/purple inspired overall!

Ok.. now for the photos.. I must warn you that it is a bit of a photo heavy post, but there was so much to see and the quality so high that I had trouble leaving things out!

The exhibition was roughly divided into Embroidery level 2, Machine Embroidery level 3 and unaccredited (but no less beautiful therefore) classes.

First and foremost I would like to introduce you to the work of Stephanie Syvret. Each year City and Guild awards Gold Medals and Highly Commended Certificates to students who show exceptional talent. These awards are given sparsely and incorporate the whole of the UK. Stephanie, only just missing out on a Gold medal, has been awarded the Highly Commended Certificate and rightly so! (although I would have given her the Gold, just sayin; :-)

This is a detail of her final piece for the level 2 course (yes, you read that correctly level 2!! In my humble opinion, her work was the highlight of the exhibition and, not knowing how the exhibition was divided would have given it a level 4 at the very least!!!) Just look at the tiny beads in the centre representing the seeds, and the tiny centres are raised (trapunto style) as well! Here is the entire piece;

Her sample piece on the wall;

..and in her technique books were amazing. I also loved several pieces in the books where different techniques were tried out, e.g. this poppy picture, using a selection of fabrics (silk, cotton and organsa on an open weaved base which has been coloured with wax pastels (from Stephanie's technique book). I asked Stephanie for permission to blog about her work and use pictures which she graciously gave. Thanks Stephanie! I am sure all my friends world wide will really enjoy your work!

This fish bowl has the seaweed and plants hidden under a layer of organza, which makes it look very watery with the fishes raw appliqued and machine embroidered on top.

Moving on from Stephanie's work, here a selection of some of the work that caught my eye also.

Sylvia Bowman made a book in honour of her mother, who had been a court dressmaker before her marriage. Starting with the family tree,

..and then each era had it's own page. Here the 1920's;

Another book that caught my eye was a magical fairy book by Sheron Richards. It proved hard to photograph but in real life it was beautiful and mysteriously golden..

I loved the combination of colours in this cushion by Rosemary Crippin;

and the texture and greens in this notebook cover;

Several lovely bags like this canvas work by Carol Boswell;

Irene Baldock going for colour;

Sylvia Bowman again;

and Margaret Whitakker with a lovely sunny little bag with beads;

A lovely notebook by Kay Horne;

and another by Joy Snape;

Framed work by Jan Worden;

I think I have to force myself here to stop, but if you want to see all this deliciousness (and much, much more) as well as buy the materials to make a master piece yourself, rush along today and tomorrow to the Old School in Minster, Kent, UK. The exhibition is open today till 5pm and open tomorrow from 10am to 5pm as well.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

I have been away...

and left the family plus dog at home! Now I have 1000+ in my Google reader so I think I will have to empty it... Hope I haven't missed too much !!