Athens time

Sunday, 11 May 2014

What's happening?

Well.... for a kick off, not a lot of writing!  (As you might have noticed.. ahum..) but... instead the sewing has taken priority!

This is what is under the machine at the moment.  Lots of quilting going on.
Also lots of exciting news, but more of that to come. Still struggling along with my other blog on Wordpress but practice makes perfect!  isn't that true?
So for now (for those of you who follow boths blogs) there will be some duplication.  
Eventually this will stay my personal blog, with loads of other stuff going on like outings and photography, and what have you not, whilst the Wordpress on (Marguerite Quilting) will become pure quilting.  At least... that is the plan!  We'll see what happens! 
See you all very soon, back to my quilting :-)