Athens time

Monday, 23 April 2012

Festival of HST's - Time to vote!

(totally copied from the Festival site, click HERE)

The Top TEN have been chosen! With so many lovely entries, I am sure the judges had a hard task!

Now it is up to YOU, yes you, to vote for the top of the bunch. Go on, go vote HERE !

The above beauty was entered by Hadley - Flying Blind on a Rocket -, isn't it a beauty? Not implying that that's the way to vote, mind.. you make up your own mind about that of course, but it sure is a beauty... just sayin':-)

Daisy's quilt has now reached it's final destination where it is loved and cherished.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Festival of Half Square Triangles and Hello Again!

Hi everyone !! Nice to see you!!! After a bit of an absence I am slowly making a little come back online... You know how you sometimes can just give 100% to something to make it work? And how it sometimes (despite you giving it your all) does not work? And then being told it still is not enough? Well... something like that happened. But I reckon that maybe sometimes, just sometimes I can do something for me and take that 1% of my time that's not work related and that is of course going to be quilting (and blogging about it :-) Enough said.

Have you heard about the Festival of Half Square Triangles that is currently going on at Canoe Ridge Creations? (see HERE). Megan is doing a linky party and lots of lovely quilt pics are already uploaded. It's going on till the 22nd April (noon CST)after which 10 judges (all experienced bloggers with their own fabulous blogs and creations)will choose their ten favourite quilts. Then, on monday 23rd, it's up to YOU to choose your favourite. Of course there are fabulous prizes too but just think what an HONOUR it would be to win this. That would mean that loads of people LIKE what you created !

OK, I will try and find out how this linky party works in a minute but first and foremost, I will post about my entry, which is:

Daisy's quilt. The pattern I used was taken from a book called 'Scrap Quilt Sensation' by Katharine Guerrier. It took a while to make and was pieced together bit by bit, scrap by scrap to be done by a birthday in February (you can see, I overshot a little...) but if you know this is a 91" square quilt you may forgive me for that! (it's a lot of seams to make lie flat before quilting I can tell you that!!)

Here it is being basted in the back yard (nowhere in the house was big enough..)

and of course on completion it had to have it's first outing at the beach before being gifted;

I'll spare you the other 100 or so photo's I took ! What is that? You want more??Oh.......... ok then, one more of the whole thing whilst quilted already;

I am quite proud of the fact that I quilted it all on my domestic sewing machine (Bernina 240, and that is not one with an extra wide throat). And just to mix things up I made some of the smaller stars wonky on purpose (see if you can spot any! I deliberated ages what colour binding I would give it and I am really glad with the final choice of red. I think it frames it all really nicely and it had to be a solid with so much going on in the quilt.

If you like it I would be really pleased if you leave me a comment saying so. And DO go to Canoe Ridge Creations (click HERE) and have a look at all the other amazing entries to the Festival. Some really beautiful entries there!

And if you are still around blogland on Monday, I might see you there as I am certainly going to vote and see which are the top ten on there. I'm going to pick my ten out right now and see if my list is anywhere near what the judges will pick out. Great fun! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I am. Thanks Megan for organising the Festival!