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Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Old Red Barn does it again! (giveaway involved!)

Way back in 2009, Dana, of the Old Red Barn Co, organised a sewalong. I took part and it was a blast! In fact, we, all the peeps taking part in that first quilt, had such fun together, we begged Dana to keep on and do another one!

She did, and whilst some of us managed to make more of the intervening rounds (hosted by a different quilter each round) than others, The Old Red Barn Company Flickr group (ORBC FLickr) is still going strong!

And can you imagine, on April 1st (I have been assured this is no joke!!) round 15 is starting off, led by the indomitable Dolores and promises to be amazing!

Do join us all in this round, it's going to be scrappy, it's going to be fun and, so Dee says, very quick too! What's not to like!

To keep us all happy whilst waiting to start, Dee is having a brilliant Giveaway! Thanks Dee!!

Go to the Flickr Group to take part!!

It'll be fantastic so see you there !!

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