Athens time

Friday, 28 October 2011

After The Indian Summer

Hi everyone!

BIG Wave !!!

Checking in to the blog which has been terribly terribly neglected!!

Cut a long story short, lots of personal stuff been going on (which is not for the blog as you all want to read about quilting and travelling and really interesting stuff yes ? !!!), and so have not been able to keep up with the net....

I DID miss you all and thought of you a lot and I know a lot of you have done amazing things whilst I was away!! Well done, (bowing in admiration) !!!

To catch up with here.. we had a bit of an Indian Summer over here with about 4 days of top summer weather in October!! Yes, I couldn't believe it either!! But autumn (or fall, if you like) has now set in well and truly.

The picture is of some members of the public lazily enjoying the hazy warm day high on the cliff above Dover Port, before truly going into autumn!

I am hoping to reconnect with you all little by little now I am (sort of...) back, as I still won't have oodles of time. I really did miss you all and the sewing and quilting and everything so rather than do nothing at all (which has been most of this year), I resolved to do a little. A girl has got to have some fun sometimes yes?

I am happy to say I have managed to finish all the blocks for our bee and I managed not to let anyone down by not sending (even though I was late... sorry folks!!!). I am however busily job hunting and won't have time to send out for my own (I'm the last one as I kept postponing..). Some of the girls have said they are going to send me some blocks anyway. Thank you so much girls!!! You are the best!!!! I so appreciate all the quilty love, I hadn't expected it and am really touched. I will blog about it when I have a few of the blocks together to show.

So very nice to see you again and I promise I will try and post more often from now on!