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Saturday, 18 April 2009

A little patching, A lot of waiting....

Today we were expecting a parcel from Amazon... to be delivered by City Link. One of those express deliveries whereby you "guaranteed" get it next day so you have it for the weekend... Or so you are led to believe...

When nothing appeared by midday (with me looking out of the window at every heavier than normal motor sound, looking for vans) I tracked my parcel online and what did it say ? Delivery attempted 9.09am... at which time I was home and waiting... We have a very squeeky gate (closed) and the dog will bark at a leaf blowing past, so City Link is supposed to have actually knocked on the door? I don't think so !

So now it is coming on Monday... or so they say.... I am one of those persons who cannot get on with things properly when I am waiting for something. Amazon promised they would try and phone the van which 'may' still come... Not of course !

Oh well, did get a little done in the afternoon. Sewn on a couple of applique hearts and made a sleeve on my just finished lapquilt. It consists of a panel with some borders (haven't got photo's yet). I intended it to be a quilt but a friend said she definitely would have it as a wallhanging so I put a sleeve on so my other friend who is going to get this in the post can choose herself.

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Young_Pretender said...

Hey, just wondering. Did you get food yet? Your loving son -Tristan. I'm in the lounge.