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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Stash Organisation

How do you organise your stash?

I have read several posts on this in blogland over a time. Some people go by size (metres, half metres, FQ's together), some by colour (whatever the size) and some by designer (especially if you are MAD about one particular one!

I am having a bit of a move around of furniture and resolved to get all my fabric, which is in several places at the moment, in one place. That was a good idea! One box contained fabrics from when I very first started.....

Not knowing anything about patchwork and quilting at all, I thought I'd give it a go, and stepped into a (general) fabric shop. The shop was recommended to me and famous in the area. So I asked for quilting fabrics and, was directed to a shelf with poly cottons. The shop owner then also sighed heavily at having to cut the minimum cut off several bolts as well.

I tried and cut and snipped and sewed back together (backstitch of course)and somehow it didn't work that well... only I could not work out why!!

Here is that first little pile (minus the pink)that I bought. I still have it and sorting out the fabrics today, I decided that it will have to go. I don't think it is of use to anyone but if you fancy some polycottons, just drop me a line and I'd be happy to send them to you.

So.... as I am rearranging the rest of the fabrics...;

How do YOU organise your stash? I'd be interested to know. At the moment, I am doing a little of each. Some bigger pieces together, others just mixed in, a lot of leftovers of projects together (as they 'go' together) and a lot of designer together too (yup, can't stay away from the favourites).

Not discarding any of the cottons yet.. you never know when you might need them (or should I....???)


Jo said...

Oh don't throw away any cotton, you would be surprise what I have managed to make with tiny scraps and it has been such fun making something from nothing. Any fabric of a reasonable size is placed in colour. I did try to sort my scraps the same way, but decided that was a bit like stuffing mushrooms and I am too busy for that.
That blue poly with the hearts is lovely, as is the blue stripe, sure it could make a sweet pin cushion, so if you are happy to post, I would love them.

Liz said...

It's called a stash because you stash it not throw it...! No don't throw any cottons away, you just might need them one day. I just recently cleaned out my sewing room and resorted all my fabric, I've finally sorted the majority into colours, fat quarter bundles are left as is in their ranges and fat quarters I've bought separately are also in colour blocks but in the dresser drawers, so easy to see. I've been collecting red, blue and dirty whites for a union jack (with the southern cross appliquéd on top for my grandson) so that was what sparked that!! Anything over 2 metres is stored on cardboard bolts that I got from work and laid flat on the dresser shelves and pre-cuts are left as is. The rest, kits etc, are all in the cupboards (hidden from general view :o) and it all seems to work, still messy though as I'm useless at putting it back in it's relevant pile when I've finished with it...sigh!!!

black bear cabin said...

i would love to store mine on shelves, but i dont have the room(or the shelves), so my fabric is stashed in bins under the guest bed, and in large clear plastic bags (the kind that comforter and sheet sets come in). i have one bin filled with regular colored fabrics, and the colors are all stacked together in the bin. Then i have another bin filled with novelty fabrics and flannels. Then i have a bag of batiks and black and white prints. a bag of halloween. a bag of christmas. and a bag filled with whites and creams. And of course, there always seems to be a stack of stuff on my table in the guest bedroom :) not very organized, but i know where everything is ;)

Mrs Flying Blind... said...

I have old stuff in one place, new in another and favourites in another. I also separate out the scraps less than 5" square, and my solids. I know where it all is... mostly xxx

Molly said...

I used this tutorial for folding all my fabric and then stacked by color. I loved that it broke up the fabrics that came in the same line. I tried storing my fabrics in bins but I finally put it on open shelving and it makes it so much easier to see what you have and keep some fabrics from being overlooked and forgotten. Get rid of anything that just doesn't speak to you anymore so you only have good vibes coming from your stacks!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Marguerite. Well, since you asked... I agree with Molly's stacking. My fabric is my palette and I want to see it. I have shells on 2 walls in my studio, and I stack by color, darks on the lower shelves and lights on the upper shelves, each color lined up so light pinks are above the dark pinks, etc.

Within the stacks I put the solids at the bottom then stripes, then plaids then floral and whatever.

THE KEY: cut yourself a rectangular (or square) pattern in order to fold your fabrics all the same (they will line up so neatly). Most of my stash is old clothes so the largest piece is the "envelope" and all the bitty pieces are folded within.
Good luck!
best, nadia