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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

It's still Christmas!

A parcel sent by my friend Bia in Brazil, and posted 14th December to be in time for Christmas, finally arrived at my house!! Designed to enrich my december period, it arrived just in time to cheer me up after surgery! Who knows, maybe it was delayed for a reason!

It does seem again that all good things come in threes!! First Jennifer's wonderful surprise, then my belated secret santa parcel choc full of goodies and then this one arrived!!

Bia is a very talented drawing artist. She has sent me some of her published images on all kinds of media....

Transfer stickers and some images on fabric allready;

A lovely quilting stencil, an amazing bag of buttons and her own designed and hand-made hand-painted wooden buttons. Isn't that dog supercute??

several pieces of material printed with her own designs... (I love those froggies especially!!)

and last but not least, a wonderful mini quilt to welcome visitors at the door.. Funnily enough I have been thinking of making one... but it would not have been as elaborate or beautifully done as this!

I will give it a gentle iron to straighten out the crease from the long, long journey and I will hang it up in our porch near the front door so it is the first thing visitors will see!

A few closer up pictures to see the wonderful stitching on the flowers;

french knots in the tree;


and the little house;

Thank you Bia, for sending me such a lovely parcel. I love the little welcome quilt and all the other goodies you have put together and it means even more because you have sent your own work and I know you have spent many hours stitches with me in mind. I will treasure your work.


dolores said... are a lucky duckie...or frogie!:)
That quilt is adorable and I love the huge buttons! you feeling?:) I start my first day of work in....1.5 hours!;)

Bia Cardeal said...

Thank you, my dear! You deserve much more than that! Have fun with it!
Kisses and affection,


Catherine said...

Those parcels just keep comming Marguerite! You are right Bia is a talented lady and you are so lucky to get so many different items designed by her. That welcome mini quilt is gorgeous.

Micki said...

What a lovely package! Your quilt is just so pretty!